Thursday, October 04, 2007

Why I won't blog much this weekend!

Thirteen Things about this weekend

1…. We have to pick up the new travel trailer and learn how to use it.
2. Fix 2 screens
3. Install new patio dog door
4. Take large TV out of my closet and put in Dining room,(junk central)
with the rest of the stuff for Goodwill.
5. Work in office to set it up as an Office.
6. Find a new spot for the dog crate
7. Get Gwennie to go into crate in new spot. She is afraid of change.
8. Go thru stuff from out old tent trailer to see if anthing can be used for
the new rig.
9. Take Gwennie to her weekly pooch park outing.
10. Call my brother to say we won't be hosting Thanksgiving this year
because we will be out in the new camper.
11. Clean out hall closet
12. Clean out linen closet. (both to find things that will go in the camper)
13. Get up Monday morning and find energy to go to work!
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