Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Coffee Chat

It's a New Year! 
What is one positive thing about 2017, 
and one negative thing about the forthcoming year?  

I am looking forward to 2017, as I always do.  I don't make resolutions but I try to leave myself open to change.  2016 was the year we found out about Mr BC's kidney failure. He was so sick last winter, and it took many months for him to reach some part of good health. This is a chronic situation, we will strive this year to restore some of what he lost last year, so that he can be more self-sufficient, and we can with some adjustment maybe do some RV traveling.

The negative of 2017....I can only hope, that Trump will do better than I think he can and not be as bad a president, as I believe he will be. If there was ever a time for the legislative and judicial branch to work together, to keep the executive branch checked and balanced, this is it. I am willing to wait and see, as that is about all I can personally do. I do hope that the Affordable Care Act doesn't get repealed before something better can be put in place.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (1984)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song was inspired by a note WHAM! partner Andrew Ridgeley left for his parents. He accidentally wrote "go" twice. What was the last handwritten note you left for someone? I left a post-it note on Mr Bankerchick, while he was asleep in his chair, just to remind him were I was going. So he wouldn't have to wander the halls looking for me.
2) Born Georgios Panayiotou, George Michael was the son of the Greek restauranteur in East London. When you think of Greek cuisine, what comes to mind?

Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie)

3) He was a terrible driver and admitted his license was suspended a number of times. Have you ever lost your license? NO! I am a good driver.

4) WHAM! partner Andrew Ridgeley, on the other hand, is a talented driver who got to live his fantasy by racing Formula Three in Monaco. There are companies that sell racetrack driving experiences that allow you to spin around the track at dizzying speeds. Is this something you like to try? DD1s husband took us to a Mercedes promotion many years ago at the Hollywood Race Track parking lot where we had a chance to drive the new Mercedes'
under various road conditions.  One was fast.....that was a lot of fun. I was a different driver under those conditions.

5) In 1990, Frank Sinatra famously gave George Michael advice. Ol' Blue Eyes told the younger man to enjoy his fame, to remember all those lean nights traveling from gig to gig by bus and, now that he's successful, "loosen up and swing, man." Who last gave you advice? Did you take it? Probably a relative....she is always telling me what I should do.  Sometimes it is good advice.....sometimes not. I take the relative and ignore the rest.  She is earnest and good natured.
6) Mr. Michael's neighbors have reported since his passing that he seemed to live rather quietly, and that they usually saw him when he was out walking his three dogs. Tell us about the last time you spoke to one of your neighbors. I am not sure, I understand this question.  Since his passing he is living quietly and walking his dogs???? We have a nodding head relationship....although....when walking my dogs.....quietly....I often speak with a couple of neighbors more far afield.  Lots of people still sit on their front porches in fine weather.

7) Fansites tell us that George Michael's favorite cereal was cornflakes. What breakfast cereals are currently in your kitchen? Oatmeal, Cheerios, and Cinnamon Life.....I love Cinnamon Life with frozen blueberries or Pomegranate seeds. I just finished some.

8) In 1984, when "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" was popular, Murder, She Wrote premiered on CBS. Today it's still seen in reruns all over the world. Are you a fan? I like Angela Landsbury, but this program was not a favorite.  I think my mom liked it the first time around.

9) RANDOM QUESTION: What's your secret to a good night's sleep? I look forward to some ideas out there.  I use to be a good sleeper.....but not so much anymore.  I wake up too many times and then if I get to sleep, I dream about odd things. This morning, I was trying to get off a tour bus, with my things, and there were too many items and I was keeping people from getting off. It was very embarrassing...dirty clothes and personal items.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Triskaidekaphobia Friday Fill-Ins and Frtday Fragments

This is a fun meme co-hosted by McGuffy's Reader and 15 and Meowing. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!

1. My guiding word for 2017 is take a deep breath before speaking or posting, and turn Trump off the TV.
2. It is hard to make it to my California class reunion now that I live in Missouri.  I would have tried to go to the 40th, last year, but we were on vacation....in Europe a few days later!

3. Truth be told I am superstitious about butterflies. When ever a butterfly comes close or even lands on me....I say hello Mom/grandma, depending on who I am with. Mom loved butterflies and I am sure she is close in spirit when a butterfly is close.

4. Lately, I have been worried about Mr BC's peace of mind and health. He has been not feeling well and has to use oxygen during the day, since before Christmas.   He is also having a surgery procedure at the end of the month and he is a bit low about that. I want to help him keep his spirits up.

*Today, as I get ready to go to the grocery store to stock up, there are reports of an ice storm that may be coming our way early Friday morning and Saturday. Snow is one thing ice is another. We are suppose to be at the hospital at 8 am, for an pre-op anesthesia appt.  That can be problematic.

* My dogs are getting older and grumpier and lately, not getting along each other. Gwennie will charge at him because, he barks at her.  He barks because he is afraid she is going to attack him. They spend the day annoying each other.  They are getting a walk most every day, if the weather permits. Mainly so they will be too worn out to argue. 

*Well, we woke up to rain, there was ice on the roads, but we made it to the hospital for the pre-op meeting. The temp was below freezing and the roads were slick but there was no sliding.  By the time we left it was raining and the temperature was in the 40's.  It is supposes to happen again tonite, but we have nothing to do this weekend but stay warm and toasty.....as long as the power doesn't go off.

*DD2 was here last night and she is excited to go to CA next week, she is going for the Women's March in LA, and she will be seeing the boys. I won't be seeing them for their birthdays, I am going to get out and pick something up for them. I had to postpone my visit in Feb because of Mr BC's procedure.  I would like for him to feel so much better that we can both go to CA sometime early Spring....in the RV.  We will see.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Throwback Thursday

As I grow older, I find myself wondering where these little girls are?  DD2 will be visiting her sister next week, she is going to the Women's March in Los Angeles, and she is looking forward to seeing her family and friends. I imagine one late evening will find them, giggling together just like the little girls they still are to me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Archaeology-ABC Wednesday

ABC Wednesday
A new Blog Hop I am going to try out.  It seems less strenuous than the April A-Z, which I tried in 2013 and almost quit blogging after that!

My A is Archaeology

Mr BC and I are mad about History and Archaeology.  We love that our niece Megan is getting her Master Degree in the subject and that we have an actual Archaeologist in the family.

Most of our vacations are centered around all things historical, so of course when we made our trip to London a year ago, we were in "Just Think" heaven when ever we stood in front of or on History!  We would have loved to have gone to Leicester to see all things Richard lll found in that parking lot.

When I went to London at the turn of the century with DD2, they were just starting to uncover part of a Roman wall at Tower Hill. we were able to see so much more this trip. 

Of course we especially wanted to visit the British Museum and a multitude of archaeological finds were to be found there.

And Selfies are abundant for these arm chair archaeologists!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016 Lessons Learned-Tuesday Coffee Chat

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

I'm not one for resolutions, but I do hope I never stop learning.   What was your biggest lesson learned in 2016?

Several lessons learned in 2016. Early in the year I learned to help Mr BC with his dialysis.  I know his medicine by heart, we do numbers: Blood pressures,
Temperature, Blood glucose etc, and clean....everything to do with dialysis needs to be clean. My biggest worry was not to give him peritonitis, we have been doing these procedures for a year now and so far, so good. Organization and cleanliness...good lessons learned. I plan to keep him around for as long as possible.
One big lesson learned is:  that my neighbors and friends, here in the Red State, are a mystery to me. I would say I am a moderate, independent, voter. I have voted GOP in my lifetime as well as Democratic. I don't have a college degree, but I do have some college, I think I am knowledgeable and rational. I voted for Obama for a lot of reasons, but, to be perfectly honest, I had hoped he would do a better job. He had the challenges of opposition (The Tea Party, congress, etc.) and he could/would not find compromise. I believe he is a good man. Born in the United States. I also believe all the hate and vitriol, he has had to endure, is racism, by folks who claim, they are not racist. 

According to stories posted by people, who I became friends with on Facebook when Mr BC got sick, Obama and his family are not to be trusted. Headlines like President Obama "shocked the country" announcing he'd be running for office again. Which of course presidents can't do. The the other day a relative posted a story reporting.... that Marian Robinson, First Lady Michelle Obama's mother, will receive a $160,000 annual government pension, for taking care of the Obama girls.....it's all lies, fake news. Then...."it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences," Clinton said reacting to:  Pizzagate. So another big lesson is......The lesson here: We really need to beware of the fake news that is swirling around social media.

I did expect that Hillary would get a lot of negative things said about her, during the primaries.....especially in red states, she had problems and baggage. All the ugly electioneering was to be expected. Trump's nomination, left my support to Hillary, (who was not my first choice of democrat candidates) I voted for her rather than a third party, believing that, third party candidate would insure a Trump win. Hah!  Her loss turned out to be similar to Dewey's loss to Truman.   My Red State friends and neighbors and relatives and the rest of the country had elected Trump. Something I still find hard to believe!

So with that, a final lesson is learned....about the Electoral College.....For the second time in my memory....a president has been elected without receiving the majority of popular votes....now what is that all about? 

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Let Me Eat Cake-Saturday 9

Saturday 9: A New Day Has Come (2002)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

Welcome to the first Saturday 9 of 2017!

1) This song is about a new day. Here we are celebrating a new year. What do you hope for in 2017? That Mr BC faces no new health challenges. We were not able to use the RV very often in 2016.
2) Ms. Dion has said this song was influenced by the events of 9/11, and how a new day dawned after tragedy. Looking back on 2016, did something happen that you're glad to leave behind and move away from? I don't think we will be able to move away from the big disappointment of 2016. He will be tweeting away to our horror.

3) In the video, Celine serenades us from billowy white clouds. Describe the sky where you are as you answer these 9 questions. The sun is actually shining today and the snow is disappearing, but it is cold.

4) This video was shot in West Palm Beach, FL. When settlers arrived in the late 1870s, the town was called Lake Worth County. OK, your turn. Tell us something about your hometown. San Gabriel is outside of LA and is most noted for  Mission San Gabriel Arcángel, founded by Junípero Serra. in 1771. I consider it my hometown

A view of Mission San Gabriel Arcángel in April 2005. The open stairway at the far right leads to the choir loft, and to the left is the six-bell campanario ("bell wall") that was built after the original bell structure, located at the far end of the church, toppled during the 1812 Wrightwood earthquake. Wikipedia
5) Celine Dion's native tongue is French. Dites-nous quelque chose en Français. J'ai pris le français pendant deux ans et je peux le lire un peu, en France ils parlaient trop vite pour que je comprenne. Two years of French and I used it very little, when we were in France last year.

6) Celine's mother, Therese, is known in her Quebec neighborhood as a terrific cook. Think about your own domestic talents. Where do you excel? (Food prep, house cleaning, laundry, scheduling, etc.) I managed to raise two beautiful, smart and talented girls.  I do not excel in the domestic skills, I try! I would be embarrassed to have someone drop in today!

Tip of the Day!

7) Growing up, Celine and her siblings often performed in her family's piano bar. Where did you most recently enjoy an adult beverage? I had a couple of glasses of wine Christmas Day with DD2. The rest of the bottle will end up in a sauce soon.

8) In 2002, when this song was popular, Kmart was in the news because the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. What department store to you shop at most often? I am one of those folks who shop online.  I do go to Macy's upon occasion. When I needed a dress for my niece's wedding, I got it at Macy's. That was almost 2 years ago.
9) Random question: It's time for a midnight snack and you have your choice of one of these three -- a slice of sausage pizza, a bagel with lox and cream cheese, or a piece of carrot cake. Which will you have? And what shall we bring you to drink? A piece of carrot cake and a glass of milk, please. Though I would have had a hard time passing up the pizza.