Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

We have a European trip planned for September 2015,  I made the reservations this week and put the deposit down.  Lots of planning to do in the meantime. It is a tour with some free time built into it.  We also built 2 extra days in London so we can see more, I've been. but Mr BC has not and he has lots of things on his list.  Paris and Rome will be new to both of us.  Exciting times ahead!

We went to our first meeting of the Greater Ozark British Car Club, they meet for lunch once a month for lunch and meeting.  We are going on this Saturday for a drive with them in our vintage MG,  We will be driving into the hills to see the colorful Fall Foliage and have lunch again.  Some of you may remember that Mr BC loves his British cars, he has 2 ready to drive and one that he is restoring.

My hand is doing so  much better, I only wear my splint when I am tired and it starts hurting.  I have not had to take pain medicine except some Aleve in the evening if it is sore from overuse.  I am no good with my left hand.

Well, when we went to Walmart, to fix DD2's spare tire last week, I heard my first Christmas tune.  Too soon!

Took sweet Caspar to the vet, he was running a temp and had blood in his urine, and been having accidents, thus, with the puppy pads we had put down for him, we were able to determine the blood.
He is on a course of antibiotics. He has not had an accident.....must have been cystitis.  The Dr ruled out stones.  We have two weeks of the medicine.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Power of Love-Saturday 9

Saturday 9: The Power of Love (1985)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Huey explains that you don't need a credit card to find love. What's the last thing you charged? I don't use credit cards very often....but I do use AMEX, where I have to pay the balance off every month.  We last charged a tire for DD2. It's a long story, she had a blow out on her way to work and we went out to the highway to wait for the tow truck, while she went on to work.  We found out she was driving on her spare ???? so we had to have it towed to the Walmart where we bought a tire for her spare, so she could finally get her other tire fixed on her day off, which she did I think.

2) This song was written for Back to the Future. At the beginning of the movie, hero Marty McFly traveled around town on his skateboard. Are you good on a skateboard? Yeah......, Nope! Never been on one.  I can remember when I was young and kids made scooters and a pre-skate boards out of skates.

3) Huey sings lead and his backup group is The News. Was the most recent news you heard bad or good?  I can't remember the last time I heard good news from the news reporters. Brian Williams, on NBC always ends the daily news with an upbeat news story.   

4) Huey's mother, Maria, was born in Poland. Who is the first member of your family to be born in the US of A?  I would love to know and I often wish I could research that.  I do know we come from a Celtic/English surnames and we go back past the Revolutionary war, on both sides.

5) Brainy Huey got a perfect score on the math portion of the SAT. Did you take the SAT? How did you do? Probably average.

6) This song also hit #1 in Australia, where anzac biscuits are popular. To make them (the recipe is here) you need coconut. Do you have any coconut in your home right now? No, but I do have some coconut oil that I have given the dogs, I didn't see the benefits that everyone was claiming.

7) Thinking of dessert, would you rather have cookies, cake, pie, ice cream or frozen yogurt? Pie, although, I found some frozen peach yogurt that I am savoring.

8) We're definitely into autumn now. What will you remember most about Summer 2014?  That I have hurt, somewhere in my body, since spring.  

9) Tell us your superhero name, as determined by the color of your shirt and an item directly to your right. For example, Sam fights crime as The Gold Kleenex Box! The Orange Mirror.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Some Thoughts on Columbus Day and other Friday Fragments

John Oliver made an excellent point about Columbus Day, on Last Week Tonight, about why is Columbus Day still a Thing?  He discusses how "some people with brains don’t celebrate it anymore. So America’s least favorite holiday commemorates a murderous, egomaniac who’s most famous discovery was a cast of getting lost and refusing to ask directions, all of which is enough to make you wonder— Columbus Day. How is this still a thing?” I don't remember being taught about the genocide that Columbus perpetuated. See the link above to see the video.

I did not know about all these codes to indicate how I liked the meal.  I usually tell servers if I did not like the meal and I always tell the Hostess of I thought their meal was excellent.

Since I hurt my hand a couple of weeks ago, I have had a hard time keeping up with my housework and the dog hair is the worst.  I just got a new brace which keeps my thumb immobilized, and even though I had a splint on all these weeks, this new device is really working well for me and I can vacuum without pain finally.  I also bought an electric can opener which has eased some of the strain of cooking. Mr Bankerchick is glad that he has been relieved of some of the helping with housework.  

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Monday, October 13, 2014

Memory Monday My First Home.

Retired Not Tired Memory Monday

I actually posted about My First Home, HERE, last year.  My first home was my home until I married and I have fond memories of it.. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Funny Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

                                   It is Friday and time for Friday Fragments with Mrs. 4444, and share
                                      some things that are too small for a whole blog post. I need to clean
                                       out some things I noticed this week from my saved photos.

Fall is my favorite season and I have been clipping all things Fall

Last week we had a thunder storm and my brother-in law's 9 month old English mastiff puppy (the size of a miniature horse) escaped his yard and we found him wandering the neighborhood.  He knows us, so he willingly followed us to our yard but would not come through the gate. Anxious to get him off the streets, Mr BC tried to pull him in while I picked up his rear end and we walked him into the yard.  As we were trying to close the gate, I dropped his butt and immediately fell on top of him.  I still tried to catch myself to no avail, falling with my hand out and under me.  I thought it was broken but the xray says no, thank goodness. But a week later it is still sprained and hurts, but I can't blame the pup.  I have not accomplished much with my hand splinted.

She is about this size and a puppy.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Memory Monday

Retired Not Tired Memory Monday

I really like the idea of recording some of my memories so I'm joining Judy @ retired not tired for Memory Monday and her prompts for jogging some of my memories. 
                          Our prompt is:  My First Memory

Like Romi @ In the Way Everlasting, so many of my memories are influenced by pictures, home movies and stories it is hard to know if those first memories aren't somehow influenced by those things.

I remember going to Sunday dinner at my grandparents house, always fried chicken. We were there every Sunday after church.  

I think my first true memory is of going to my cousin's first day of kindergarten and wanting to go with her so badly.  I had to wait for the next year.  During that year my elementary school was built at the end of our street and I remember watching the walls go up.  I was in the first kindergarten class.  That summer we got dressed up and went to the school office to register me.  That school remained a huge part of my life as we were on the playground during school hours and after.  When we moved back to California in 1982, we stayed for a while with my folks and DD1 went to 4th grade at that school.  It is still there, although it has been converted into a Jr High School.  I went there K-8.

I also remember going to Sunday School and Ruthie Pridgen was my teacher.  She was one half of an older couple, who were friends for years of my Mom and Dad, she always loved to tell the story of when we were asked to sing a song in class, and I sang a beer commercial jingle. We got our first television just before I started school.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ask Away! Sunday Stealing.

Actually I fall somewhere in between these two.

I've been visiting the grand kids and I was so busy I did not have time to even turn on the computer much.  I commented a little. I was really glad to get home.  Now I need to get ready for the holidays, now that September is almost over.  Mr BC and the furry kids were glad to see me Friday nite.
1. What is your zodiac sign? Leo on the cusp of Cancer, i actually 'fit' better.  I think horoscopes are fun and interesting but I don't follow.