Sunday, May 27, 2007

Taking a Little Break

That is how I have felt ever since Mr Bankerchick left to visit his mom again. He is back last week and Grandma is recovering well at last. I don't usually talk about work, but, I had 4 weeks with 7 archtypical Gen Y'ers, and frankly they wore me out! I took a week's vacation and have been Puppy Bonding (a nice kind of wearing out). I will blog about her next week.I think I have been bordering on depression, not wanting to do my regular activities. big fatigue, sleeping a lot, a general malaise and I was to indifferent to even lurk. I have finally got a lot of sleep, Mr B C came home and the pup keeps me smiling. Today I am visiting some of my favorite reads an I am going to leave comments.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Well the computer is not broken, however, I am trying t0 Clean House so to speak. When Mr Bankerchick parked his 2 MG's in the storage we brought back several boxes of stuff that had been stored away since my Mom passed away. We cleaned out her house 2 years ago to sell it and while we tossed a lot of stuff, gave away to charity, many, many things I still had boxes of things that I just couldn't relinquish at that time. I was mostly dishes and knicknacks, that were still to hard to get rid of since they had been such a part of her life and mine. So I went thru them today and managed to send on to Goodwill most of it. I have many things of hers that I use still and I was pretty ruthless about what was in the boxes. All of the grandkids had the opportunity to pick things out several years ago, so most of it went out the door.

One of the things I learned by cleaning out her house was that I was not going to do the same thing to my kids, Mom had things from my dad, his parents and her mom in her garage. She lived in the same house all of her married life so there was so much there to go thru and truth be told not a lot of valuables except for the memories. Mr Bankerchick is a pack rat too, either he is going to be able to use it some day, or they are things from his life that he can look over and say...just think....(my kids will understand that statement). We need to simplify! Since we are the old folks now... as I clean, I have sorted thru not only my mom's stuff but my own. I have made envelopes for school memorabilia for each of us and only chose the things that might be interesting to go thru in the passing years. I chose not to enshrine every single piece of paper my kids or I put a pen or crayon to. My dining room is almost clear of those boxes and I have to make a trip to Goodwill tomorrow and I feel quite a bit lighter. Putting a few years between the packing and unpacking definitely makes it easier to let loose of the THINGS cluttering my closets, drawers my life. And I have decided not to bring anything into the house, unless I get rid of something in exchange. Too whom it may concern: That does not mean I am getting rid of the kitty when I get the new Puppy!


Mine is! This is the little girl we selected. I can't be there to pick one at 8 weeks but I do have first pick so the breeder picked one she was fond of and is saving her for me. She is actually one Mr. Bankerchick and I were very attracted to in some of the first pictures, we saw when they were tiny. She has a white ring around her neck a white blaze on her forehead and white forelegs. I liked her markings.

Mr. BC arrived in Missouri safely to find his poor sick mother quite well, holding court in the recreation room of the nursing facility. She is eating just fine, though carefully. Paul says her color is back and she has had only good days since he has been back. It is very interesting that since he arrived, (he is staying at his mom's house) he has not seen or spoken to his sister, who lives across the yard. He thinks he has been bamboozled, thought he is very glad Mom is doing so well. And actually no one told him he had to come back, he was so worried about the dire picture his sister was painting. He is planning to come back the last week of May then fly back if he has to return. Grandma has 1 more week in the facility at least and then he wants to get her settled and managing on her own before he leaves. He has to be home by June 6 and then if needed still he will come back. so his sister will only have to be responsible for a couple of weeks in case of an emergency. Which actually she does not seem to handle all that well.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #7


Grandma Update

Well Grandma is not doing well. Mr Bankerchick is back in Missouri to check on her and to talk to the Doctors. She was unable to keep food down after he left and complained of nausea. His sister took her back to the hospital and they removed her gallbladder. It turned out not to be diseased and did not take care of the problem. She has had a hiatal (sp) hernia for years and no one seems to think that is the problem. His sister managed to alienate the doctors and one is no longer treating her. It is a mess and Mr BC decided he needed to get back before they removed anything else. We have never had a lot of faith in the Medical services in Joplin and his mom use to go all the way to Mayo Clinic to get any treatment she needed. The heart surgery went well and does not seem to be the problem, however, she is not eating as it makes her nauseaus and she can't get much down. This sure isn't Grey's anatomy or House!