Saturday, May 05, 2007


Mine is! This is the little girl we selected. I can't be there to pick one at 8 weeks but I do have first pick so the breeder picked one she was fond of and is saving her for me. She is actually one Mr. Bankerchick and I were very attracted to in some of the first pictures, we saw when they were tiny. She has a white ring around her neck a white blaze on her forehead and white forelegs. I liked her markings.

Mr. BC arrived in Missouri safely to find his poor sick mother quite well, holding court in the recreation room of the nursing facility. She is eating just fine, though carefully. Paul says her color is back and she has had only good days since he has been back. It is very interesting that since he arrived, (he is staying at his mom's house) he has not seen or spoken to his sister, who lives across the yard. He thinks he has been bamboozled, thought he is very glad Mom is doing so well. And actually no one told him he had to come back, he was so worried about the dire picture his sister was painting. He is planning to come back the last week of May then fly back if he has to return. Grandma has 1 more week in the facility at least and then he wants to get her settled and managing on her own before he leaves. He has to be home by June 6 and then if needed still he will come back. so his sister will only have to be responsible for a couple of weeks in case of an emergency. Which actually she does not seem to handle all that well.

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