Sunday, November 18, 2007

I borrowed this from Linda at Are We There Yet?
The Five Things Meme

Found in My Room (the Living/Dining room.!) ...
1. A dusty stack of wine bottles, (full)
2. A chair I need to take back to storage
3. My computer and printer
4. A pop up trash can I am using for a laundry basket.
5. A bag of doggie treats I bought for Gwennie

I've Always Wanted to Do ...
1. Live in England for a while to see everything.
2. Take a Cruise with Mr BC, I know he would love it.
3. Tour the US in for a Year (with Travel Trailer this may get done)
4. Have a house at the Beach in some tropical spot.
5. Learn how to draw and paint. (no talent at all)

Found in My Purse
1. A lip stick I forget to use
2. pennies
3. A paint swatch
4. Various decongestants that someone said would work.
5. Eye cream, that won't help

Found in My Wallet ...
1. About $40.00 mostly in 1's and 5's
2 Drivers Licence
3. Albertson's Preferred Card
4. My Train Pass
5. My Pet Perks Card for Gwennie's treats.

I 'm Currently Into ...
1. Finding things to make the travel trailer more Comfortable, I just bought fleece sheets,
2. Reading end of the world books, currently Alas Babylon.
3. Packing for my trip Thanksgiving Day, no cooking for me!
4. Thinking about updating my kitchen still.
5. Losing 20 more pounds to make my Doctor Happy, when she gets back from maternity leave
in January. That will be a trick during the holidays.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

Well I got back on line and was struck down a couple of days later with a nasty head cold. I tried everything everyone told me to do to kill it before it started but nothing worked and I am out of sick days and did not want to use up vacation I have scheduled for the end of the year so I toughed it out. The worst of it was this week when the stuffy nose was gone but the hacking cough was on with me, it lasts for weeks after I am feeling better, keeping me and Mr BC up. If he was here to be kept up. I have found a product and I hate its name and commercials, but it does work Mucinex DM has brought peace back to my nights and I feel up an raring to go. I still think their commercials are yuckey, but it works.

I am going to spend this weekend getting ready for my trip to Missouri to see grandma and Mr BC. I have stacks of laundry to do since he has been gone and then I got sick. I was wearing underwear that was lacking elasticity and clothes from the back of my closet, so I got to get on it. I also have to get caught up on my blogging. I am flying out this Thursday leaving DD1 and DD2 to give thanks alone this year or at least with other friends and family.

Mr BC made it back to MO in the new trailer and pronounced it quite cozy. They are predicting snow for Thanksgiving and we are going to leave the following Sunday, so I hope it is cozy! We are going to Santa Fe, New Mexico and as that it quite high, I imagine we could see snow or at least cold weather while we are there so I am packing warmly.

Gwennie has been missing her dad, and DD2 and I are not as diligent about long walks as he is. I take her to pooch park to visit her friends on weekends and DD2 and I have had her out on a few walks. She rebelled by eating a hole in my living room rug in her dig for China, Bad Dog! I don't blame her thought I never liked the rug anyway, I will just turn it the other way for now.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Here I am!

I promised I would get back online today. I have been a long time gone. My weekends have been full of home repair and cleaning and my week days full of work and rest. I have been in bed every night at 8PM and dragging myself up next day. I would try to get online at night and on weekends to at least read and comment but I couldn't muster the energy or sadly the enthusiasm. I think I was developing a little depression because of all that I had to do.

All of this activity was due to the impending weekend visit of my SIL mom and dad, from Serbia. Also because my theory of housekeeping is "My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. " That only works if it is truly healthy! I confess to not being a fastidious housekeeper and my part-time housekeeper (Mr BC) and I need motivation to keep up, and that involves inviting someone to visit. SIL is fastidious and DD1 is too, so I clean like the Queen is coming to visit whenever they come home. This time Mr BC and I decided to raise the ante and not just stuff things into closet and drawers but, really purge, clean and repair. The visit was last weekend and I have been feeling down, Since Monday, Mr BC left to visit his mom in Missouri for a couple of weeks, and I have been left with a clean house that has to stay that way but will since the removal of much clutter.

The weekend went well, I really like the In-laws and wish I could really talk to them, SIL has a tough job as translator and the weekend was noisy. This is usually why we only see them once during their visit, is stressful with everyone talking at once. I also feel that DD1 has a tough time trying to please everyone and fielding comments about potential grandchildren. Really, sweetheart we will be content until they come.

I spent yesterday getting a manicure and pedicure and running errands that should have been done on other Saturdays. Today I am taking Gwennie for a walk in Claremont and we will end up at the pooch park, after I go around the Blog o sphere to visit my friends.