Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm So Excited-Saturday 9

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1. What was the last event or situation that got you really excited?
I found out this week a movie of Les Miserables (the musical) is coming in December. That will get me to a theater. I have been playing the music all week. 

2. How old were you when you started working and what was your first job?
My first job was in a nursing home passing out trays and helping some patients eat.  I was 17.   I wanted to be a nurse, until I had that job!

3. Tell us about your grandparents.
Dad's parents were from Oklahoma. Grandpa was a farmer and he also had a rural postal route. Grandpa was somewhat stern and when he would play games with us he played to win. Grandma was his second wife and was 17 when he married her, he was 35 with a daughter about 10. Grandma was only able to love one person at a time,whether it was sons, grandchildren or even great grandkids, so she had her favorites. You knew if you weren't a favorite.  She didn't always treat Grandpa good or my aunt. They moved from OK in the last years of WW2, to retire in CA. That was where Mom and Dad met in 1946.
Mom's parents came from OK during about 1920.  I don't remember much about Grandpa as Grandma divorced him not long after my mom was born.  I do know he drank heavily and had a horse on some property in the San Gabriel Valley.  We knew when he had been by the house because there was always a pile of horse manure in the driveway. Grandma was a beautician with her own shop.  She was not a very good mother and Mom was raised by her older sisters. She was about 8-10 years younger than her sibilings and did not want my mother. Grandma was a tight with her money making mom do without, she did not get anything new unless her sisters or brother got it for her. Mom and Dad had a good marriage dispite their parents. She taught me how to be a good mom and a fantastic Grandma!

4. Do you procrastinate or are you usually on top of situations?
I will get right to it... year.  I have good intentions. I have had things backfire on me because I have procrastinated.
5. What would others say about you?
That I have an even disposition, that I have a liberal mind, that I am empathetic and a fantastic Grandma.

6. Do you believe in life on other planets?
Not in our solar system, but, I think life will be found out there somewhere, sometime, I would love it to be found in my lifetime. 

7. When was the last time that you were called too thin?
Never too thin in fact, always well-rounded.  I was 'just right' for a good number of years.

8. Do you work out? Have you ever joined a gym and quit almost immediately?
See question 7, Not working out is why I am a square and not a well-rounded circle.  I have joined a few gyms over the years, gone a few times, then continued to pay for it month after month.  I would forget to cancel the payment. Procrastination? I think so.

9. Do you feel that you utilize all your intelligence in every situation?
Well there are a few things that I do automatically without thinking, however, I think therefore I am. I use my intellect/intelligence when I need to.  I am able to hold a decent conversation on a number of topics.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Charlotte's Story-Write on Edge


Charlotte opening the door of the draper’s shop, stepped out to the High Street.  She had picked out some calico and muslin, intended for new Spring dresses.   Charlotte would copy fashion plates of the latest fashion from London, and created lovely frocks, that were the envy of the neighborhood.
A blustery wind chilled her as she quickly turned onto Church Street.  She collided into the Rev. Stephenson, spilling her packages onto the road.

“Miss Percy, I do beg your pardon,” he declared breathlessly.  Bending to help gather the scattered packages, he continued.  “I’m in such a rush; I have been informed of a serious accident at the steel works. Two carriages, racing, when they struck a wagon coming from the mill, there are surely injuries.“  He smiled bleakly, as he handed her the packages.  “I must go and see if there is anything I can do. “
“Oh my, that is dreadful!”  "Certainly you must be on your way.” She replied.

“Miss Percy, John still works at the steel mill?
“Yes, he is a clerk in the offices.”  “Oh no! You don’t think he could be injured?” She cried.   

The Vicar put his hand gently on her shoulder to comfort her. “I'm sure he's fine, and will be home soon."  

"Have his tea ready and wait with your aunt until he comes.”  He smiled and took his leave.  

Charlotte arrived at the cottage and told her aunt her worries for John’s safety.  Certainly, he would have been in the office and not the yard or the road.  Undoubtedly he couldn’t be among the injured. These concerns swirled through their conversation that afternoon

Aunt Jane had managed to send John to the parish school, where he had thrived under the instruction of the Rev. Stephenson.  A good student, he should have continued his education, but for the money.  Finishing  his schooling, he went to work at the steel mill as a sweeper in the office.  Mr. Spenser, owner of the mill, discovered and encouraged John’s ability with figures.  Charlotte is proud that John is now junior clerk in the accounting room, using his small salary, to help his aunt and sister.

“Surely, he was in the office and not one of the injured,” Charlotte said aloud.  She tried to put away  worries and help Aunt Jane with tea.  Setting the water to boil, she heard a noise.


Flinging the door open she again collided with the vicar.  Smiling, he supported Charlotte in his arms and announced, “I brought John, he invited me to tea.  I hope that's convenient.”

I have added a single page for all of Charlotte's Story in the Tab Above to keep track of the story so far in chronological order
This week we were to write about a Collision

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Complicated

My life is generally not complicated, then we moved to stages.  Since last August we have made 3 trips between the 2 houses packing and unpacking the trailer.  (see above) We still have one more load in storage in California which we will make next month......maybe.

The complicated part was/is where stuff is.  When we had the 2 houses I could never remember if things were in CA or in boxes in MO.  I would think there was a pork loin in the freezer and it the other house.  This complication was cleared up when we sold the house the last time we were in CA.  Yeah!

New has been hot this summer....Triple digits for June and July   Too hot to unpack the trailer...too hot to move boxes upstairs and out of the garage....too crowded and hot, in the house to sort through boxes, pack up Grandma's old stuff, as we swap out her stuff with our stuff.  If  Mr Bankerchick wants a tool or some item of clothing he can't find....the  question from him is....."where is the ____?" and the answer is......"packed in the trailer."

Complications are lessening somewhat as the heat is abating and we have spent cool mornings finding homes for the stuff from the trailer.  New complication is.... that we can't find the title for the truck and the CA tags expire this month.  We found all of the other car titles in the safety box, where they should be, but not the one for the truck.  We need a registered truck to make the one more trip to CA and we need an empty trailer also.  So the complications continue.
For this weeks Mama Kat's I chose Prompt  
                                      4.) Write about something that complicates your life.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Talking 'bout My Generation-Saturday 9

1. What do you think is the most unique thing about your generation?
I am a Boomer and I think Boomers have a work ethic that I understand. When I did training for the company I worked for, I always appreciated Boomers in my classes. I was having mainly Millennials in my classes when I retired and I did not understand them at all!

2. Do you speak out as often as you should?
I haven't always, but as I get older I tend to speak out more.  I don't care so much what others may think of my opinions.
3. How often are you tough and unreasonable?
I am not tough and unreasonable at all, ever. I am soft and understanding.
4. Do you believe that sometimes you learn more from a failure than a success?
Nope. Well maybe, one should learn not to do it that way again. It is easier and less messy to succeed.
5. Do you feel that you always have to win?
I like to win, but I don't always have to win. I would rather be right.
6. Do you think tradition matters?
Certainly it matters, traditions make civilization work, but we should also realize when traditions don't make sense for us anymore and be willing to change.

7. Do you tend to root for the underdog?
Sure do!  Usually I'm the underdog.
8. Have you ever felt that you want to exceed your parents’ successes?
No, I would want to be as good as they were, in every way.
9. Of all the cartoon characters that you know of, which is most like you?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

If loving you is wrong..........etc. Saturday 9

1. Has you ever done something that you knew was wrong, but because of love or lust, did it anyway?
Since my family reads this I will take the 5th.  Actually the real answer is No. I am boring.

2. Do you take longer to dress for a special event?
Sure, it takes time to shore up my fittings and put on my war paint. I am mistress of cliches!

3. Do you consider yourself a good driver?
Yes, I have only had one ticket in my life, other than parking violations. I may have deserved others but for the most part, I drive well.

4. If you won Powerball, what would be the first thing you spent it on?
After taking care of family, I would travel and then settle in London for a couple of years.

5. How much of the Olympics have you watched? Why?
Some gymnastics, swimming and a little track.  Because it's summer and there is nothing else on TV and the men are mostly, good looking and not too muscle bound.

6. Have you ever changed your appearance because of a random happenstance?
This is not random, I have cultivate this look since high school.

7. Do you consider yourself attractive?
I don't think I am unattractive but I weigh to much.  I am always smiling, I think smiling is attractive.

8. If you started your own religion, what would it be like?
My followers, woud have compassion and fairness.  They would not be judgemental and hypocritical.  We would pass the chocolate plate around at meetings.

9. Have you ever given up too easily in the game of love?

No, I've done pretty well, my anniversary is Sunday.....45 years!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Like a Phoenix

Well Winter was mild and dry, Spring was mild and dry and Summer has been in triple digits, very dry and hot, both day and night.  What will Fall bring?This summer has been alot hot and humid with no rain or usual thunderstorms. Meteorologist are calling this the hottest, most drought ridden on record. I knew when we moved here, winters would be cold, summers hot and humid and we would always be grateful for Fall and Spring

This week we finally got a break in the heat, it was often 98 or 99 degrees, truly a break by about 10 degrees, from what it had been.  We have been getting up very early to take the poor neglected pups for a walk.  This morning when we got up it was 69 degrees with a breeze.  We left at 7:30 for our walk and it was so mild and lovely, we decided to go to the local park instead of the cemetery.  It is part of the Rails to Trails Conservancy .  It is wonderful, they have taken old and abandoned rail way corridors and turned them into Parks and Trails for everyone to enjoy. Ours is the Frisco Green way between Webb City and Joplin.  Today it was lovely. 

The dogs were stopping to sniff everything along the trail. Totem thought the fallen hedge apples were tennis balls. Since our walk I've been reading them. They are considered a natural pesticide but not poisonous to mammals, I am going to get some and try it out.  I think they would be interesting in arrangements as well. Some of them seemed to have been eaten by wild animals.

Today was a treat.  The weather is to be mild (90's) the rest of the week, with some showers and thunderstorms predicted this weekend.  I am hoping this is a turning point for the summer.  I am sure there will be more hot weather but I hope that Fall will rise from the ashes of Summer and be beautiful.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Candy is Dandy

I have a sweet tooth, I will admit it freely, candy is dandy.  About an hour ago I had just had a handful of M&M, my current candy favorite, mainly because I can measure them and not overdo.  I already have a mouthful of crowns to testify that I love Candy.  As I have aged, my sweet tooth is still there but I curb it.  This week I selected MamaKat's prompt #5 .) Do you have a sweet tooth? List your top five favorite candies! I don't indulge in these much anymore, however, they are still among my favorites.

Peeps!  I received them as a child and did not like them as much as the other Easter treats so they hardened at the bottom of my basket as I ate the others first. The Peeps were better when they were stale. If I eat Peeps now I always poke a hole in them and put them away for a while.  Yum......

Sees Candy, truffles and nuts & chews.  I think this is absolutely the best box candies.  They are wonderful at Christmas and unfortunately practically unheard of outside of the western US.

Look bars, You could smack them on the edge and they would break into smaller pieces. I don't eat them any more as they are very chewy and I am sure they would loosen the crowns in my mouth.  Chewy candy is not something I can eat anymore. 

Junior Mints a movie favorite, York Patties have taken their place but I still love me a good JM when I can find them. 

Red Vines and black licorice, I still eat them as they are no or low fat, but they are very addictive and I could make myself sick it I were to buy them in the big tubs.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere-Saturday 9

Nowhere Kansas- Kansas Cyclist

1. Do you ever feel like you are nowhere? 
Yes and it is HOT here in Nowhere and I would visit Ennui this weekend if it weren't for this headache.
2. Do you keep your cool no matter what is going on around you?
I do keep my cool, as long as the air conditioning keeps working.

3. Do you feel that career should be more important than your love life?
I didn't have a career, I had a job and it was important to keep it, but it was not more important than love and family.
4. In what way do you feel that you are unique?
Well my DNA and fingerprints are unique to me.  Every one is unique.
5. Do you feel that there is a part of you that you need to hide from most people? There are a lot of things I don't talk about to most people but I don't consider it hiding.  Mostly is non of your business.

6. Have you ever held on to a relationship even though you truly knew it was already over? No.

7. Would you say that you are a winner in this game of life?
Oh yes.

8. Can you tell us about a time when you were broke and yet still happy?
When Mr BC and I were going to college on his GI Bill and Student Loans we were very broke and still happy. One Christmas there were no gifts for anyone else and a $15 dollar limit for one present to each other.  I still have the book he gave me Civilization i had been lusting after.  I know that I gave him something significant, but I can't for the life of me remember.  I will ask him when he wakes up.

9.  Do you think staying celibate between relationships important?
?????????  I guess so. ?????? Maybe it's none of your business.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Destiny- Write on Edge

Olympia by Manet 1863
Competition is what drives her and when there was no one left to compete with, she was desolate.  The halls echoed with stillness, the gymnasiums empty, and the tracks overgrown. Olympia was empty and abandoned. The Gods had disappeared eons ago as disciples dwindled and humans believed no more.  Olympia knew she would not be able to survive without the competition that fed her, and she was desolate.  She rose with some difficulty and despaired, what could she do?  Looking down from on high she saw humankind and wondered, “Did they have what she needed?” She descended from on high to encounter her destiny.

This week we had the choice of three Olympic-inspired prompts. In case you missed them, here they are:
The 100 Meter Sprint
100 words on a conflict, competition, or game.
The Road Race
300 words on a topic of your choice. The only catch? Your setting must be London, Beijing, or Rio de Janeiro.
Synchronized Diving
Partner up with another Write on Edge writer. You each have 450 words to write about a conflict between two characters; each writer should represent a single character’s point of view.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Go For a Walk? - MamaKat's

Early this morning we took a walk.  We have been neglectful about walking the dogs in all this summer heat and Mr BC has finally recovered from bronchitis.  Last night we decided that as soon as the sun started coming up we would harness up the pups and go out to the cemetery for a walk.

This morning, the moment we said out loud, "want to go for a walk', Totes and Gwennie went crazy and made us feel even guiltier for not walking them (and ourselves) everyday.  They are so funny, Totes does his Totem...

and silly Gwenny runs from room to until I shout GWENNY and she stands still grinning at us.
It was very enjoyable watching the sun peek through the clouds.  The air was warm and moist, as there are possible showers expected not enough to affect the drought but the clouds were cooling the morning.

The dogs enjoyed smelling every fence and tombstone in the cemetary, It is out in the country somewhat and deer and other woodland creatures wander through the cemetary at night leaving behind interesting smells for curious puppies.  Mr BC and I are rather fond of old cemetaries and the pups wanderings allow us to check out the old civil war tombstones, the newer ones that mark the grounds.  "I use to go to school with a .....insert any name......" We park near the site of his mom and dad's markers and always have a closing word for them. At the truck we pause for the pups to have some water and we head for home.

It was a nice time and there is no reason we couldn't do this every morning, so we vow to do ourselves and the dogs a favor and not let ennui keep us from enjoying the morning cool.

This prompt is from MamaKat's Writers Workshop.  I re-worded a little to suit my needs as the kids are grown.
4.) Ask your child  DOGS what their favorite part of Summer has been and then blog about it.

I couldn't ask Gwenny. but this picture shows what she thinks.