Friday, August 03, 2012

Destiny- Write on Edge

Olympia by Manet 1863
Competition is what drives her and when there was no one left to compete with, she was desolate.  The halls echoed with stillness, the gymnasiums empty, and the tracks overgrown. Olympia was empty and abandoned. The Gods had disappeared eons ago as disciples dwindled and humans believed no more.  Olympia knew she would not be able to survive without the competition that fed her, and she was desolate.  She rose with some difficulty and despaired, what could she do?  Looking down from on high she saw humankind and wondered, “Did they have what she needed?” She descended from on high to encounter her destiny.

This week we had the choice of three Olympic-inspired prompts. In case you missed them, here they are:
The 100 Meter Sprint
100 words on a conflict, competition, or game.
The Road Race
300 words on a topic of your choice. The only catch? Your setting must be London, Beijing, or Rio de Janeiro.
Synchronized Diving
Partner up with another Write on Edge writer. You each have 450 words to write about a conflict between two characters; each writer should represent a single character’s point of view.


  1. I like this. A different, more old school "Olympic" take. Nice.

  2. This is an inspired piece of writing. Competition really does drive people to try and win.

  3. Nicely done. This captured a ravenous needy sort of tone. Fantastic job in such a short space!

  4. I'm left wondering if we did have what she needed.