Thursday, August 09, 2012

Candy is Dandy

I have a sweet tooth, I will admit it freely, candy is dandy.  About an hour ago I had just had a handful of M&M, my current candy favorite, mainly because I can measure them and not overdo.  I already have a mouthful of crowns to testify that I love Candy.  As I have aged, my sweet tooth is still there but I curb it.  This week I selected MamaKat's prompt #5 .) Do you have a sweet tooth? List your top five favorite candies! I don't indulge in these much anymore, however, they are still among my favorites.

Peeps!  I received them as a child and did not like them as much as the other Easter treats so they hardened at the bottom of my basket as I ate the others first. The Peeps were better when they were stale. If I eat Peeps now I always poke a hole in them and put them away for a while.  Yum......

Sees Candy, truffles and nuts & chews.  I think this is absolutely the best box candies.  They are wonderful at Christmas and unfortunately practically unheard of outside of the western US.

Look bars, You could smack them on the edge and they would break into smaller pieces. I don't eat them any more as they are very chewy and I am sure they would loosen the crowns in my mouth.  Chewy candy is not something I can eat anymore. 

Junior Mints a movie favorite, York Patties have taken their place but I still love me a good JM when I can find them. 

Red Vines and black licorice, I still eat them as they are no or low fat, but they are very addictive and I could make myself sick it I were to buy them in the big tubs.


  1. Junior Mints are awesome! Great movie date snack as they indulge your sweet tooth and make your breath extra kissable!

    *clickin' in from MamaKat*

  2. You have two of my favorites...Junior Mints and Peeps! :) (coming in from MK)

  3. I am not tempted by sweets as other things -- but I do love truffles. Dark chocolate. My daughter has a raging sweet tooth. I tell her that she is going to have to be careful with what she eats as she gets older. And I do have a thing for Peanut M&Ms if I had to pick a regular candy from the store.

  4. Totally agree! Candy IS dandy!
    Hot Tamales rock! I love black licorice. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are divine. Anything chocolate is to die for! Butterscotch squares from Sees Candies round out my top five!

  5. I never used to like black licorice but when I was pregnant with my second child, I craved it like nobody's business. I was like, "Whaa?" But ever since then, I've liked it!

    And See's Nuts and Chews? Crack. I swear, I can't stop eating them if they're around.

  6. Okay, now I am going to have to go buy some Junior Mints!

  7. I don't really have a sweet tooth. I love that peeps are on top of your list...that is funny. :) If I am to eat candy, it's usually a salty sweet one like reeses PB cups or pretzel m&ms. I also like a dark chocolate truffle now and then.

  8. I love chocolate but have to curb any craving that I have. If someone gives me a box of mixed chocs, truffles and toffees and all the rest, I cannot resist stealing another, and another, until they're all gone. Shame on me!