Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday Photo Hunt #1

This was taken in Pacific Beach, in San Diego from our Balcony. Mr Bankerchick took this on one of our weekend escapes. The fog was rolling in and the next shots we had were not as pretty.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2


  1. 1. A Swashbuckling Trio of Old.
    2. Single women look for him.
    3. Two Pronouns
    4. Pleasingly Plump
    5. New York Street
    6. Superman's alter ego
    7. Dry Cow
    8. Flotation device
    9. Galaxy
    10. Indian Burial Grounds
    11. Home of the Movie Stars
    12. Famous Baseball Player
  2. 13. Nut Happiness

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


WOW! This would not be good for The Laundress' pretty bugs and furry things. It is apparently annihilating snakes and small animals in Australia.

Wordless Wednesday #3

Saturday, March 24, 2007

It Seems I Was A Long Time Gone

Mr Bankerchick has gone to Missouri to take care of his Mom post surgery. At 84 she had a valve replacement a single bypass and a pacemaker installed. She is a tough lady and with a few hicups after the surgery (the pacemaker) she is in rehabilitation and doing well. He has been gone since March 6th, drove back there with DD1 and I was alone, just the cat and me until DD flew back last Sunday so she could start Spring semester. It looks like he could be back there until the end of April, however he is a good son and the experience will no doubt be a good one.
I have been without a computer since Mr B took our laptop with him, now that DD is back we picked up a new (to us) refurbished laptop from After some fits and false starts I got it up this morning. With our company's new policy on the Internet, I am not able to blog and I have avoided any non work surfing to set a good example. Yeah right! I have 2 years till retirement and I don't want to lose out on the benefits because they perceive that I am using the internet on their time and get my a** canned.

We are going to get a puppy. Our puppy was born March 15 and we should be able to pick her up when Mr B gets back. I get to pick her out as we have 7 females to choose from. She is a tri colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The breeder has kept me posted with pictures but they are in my e-mail at work. I figure since I tell the breeder that she should open an account with us, every time I reply, it qualifies as business. Actually my boss knows my e-mail-less life and has been cool with it so I could keep in touch about the birth. I am so glad to be connected at home again. The computer has now come to dominate my life just like my ATM card did 10 years ago.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday in Santa Barbara

I always have loved Santa Barbara. We have been regular visitors since DD1 came up to go to college in 1991 and stayed for good. I know why she stayed, it really seemed like the place where she should have grown up. so she has embraced the Santa Barbara lifestyle wholeheartedly and organically. She has flourished and grown and married!
SB is a beautiful town on the Pacific, I have been coming up here since I was a kid. When I was in college we came up here for the Halloween celebrations RITUAL UNDERAGE DRINKING. Now when we come here it is to visit and ponder on what wonderful restraunt we will be brunching or dining at next.

Last night we probably heard Oprah's jet land, and I have seen more celebrities here than any where else. Everyone loves Santa Barbara, so much that housing prices are sky high and the political leanings are to the left. But we always have a place to stay and did I mention I love Santa Barbara?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Feast #2

Appetizer - What does the color pink make you think of?

Little girls long grown up and the matching Holly Hobbie dresses that Grandma lovingingly made for them one year.

Soup - Name something you thought you had lost, but later found.

Mr Bankerchick's Passport

Salad-In 3 words, describe this past week.

Review :)

Main Course-What are you obsessed with?

Yahoo's Alchemy and Word puzzles.

Dessert-What kind of perfume or cologne do you like to wear?

Angel by Thierry Mugler (Day)

Cinnabar by Estee Lauder (Evening)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Other Thursday Things

Mr Bankerchick is leaving Tuesday with DD2 for Missouri as we just found out his Mom is going to have open heart surgery on the 12th of March. DD2 is going to help him drive and will fly back before she starts back to school.

Grandma is going to have a valve replaced and one bypass. She went in for shortness of breath and extreme fatigue. This was a big flag for her; even though she is 84 she is a very active Senior. She has Diabetes under control as far as we know, and she goes to the Hootenanny and the VFW dances every weekend and dances up a storm. She has outlived her husband of many years and so far has outlived one boyfriend, again, as far as we know. She does not smoke or drink but has a passion for dancing. She is well enough to be at home until the surgery and is taking a positive attitude about everything.

This diagnosis hit me very hard as I lost my mother to heart disease four years ago. She was younger than MIL but had already had 2 small strokes, one she recover from well enough, to go on her travels for another 5 years and the second one which was more difficult to come back from. She was recovering when she had chest pains and never came out of the hospital. I know Grandma has a better prognosis and as DD1 said "She is a tough old bird who will outlive us all!" I laugh and agree, however, I worry and fret all the same, quietly, wondering ........