Friday, September 30, 2011

Misty Morning-Red Writing Hood

I am trying something a little different this week...Fiction!
Write on Edge/Red Writing Hood's prompt this week is to be inspired by pictures. Of the two, I chose this one and my attempt is below. Feel free to critique.

Jessica had been sitting on the cold iron bench for hours.  The thick fog had turned to a mist as the darkness merged into gray. She had remained unseen by the voices and lights that had passed her in the early hours of the morning. The noises had startled her but she remained steadfast on the bench, waiting. She would not be afraid.  She was not sure what she would have said or done if those voices or lights had found her in the dark.  However, now as the mist lifted she knew that anyone walking by would think she was just waiting for the doors of the church to open for the first mass.

As the early light of day revealed the corners of the square, she wondered how she had been able to sit here waiting, alone. She had counted as the bells in the tower had chimed out the time on each hour and half hour. He was suppose to meet her at one o'clock and she had arrived as the clock was tolling the half hour before. She could make out the numbers on the clock face now and it was almost five am. He was not coming! She would have to leave soon if she wanted to slip back into the house, unseen by the prying eyes of her disapproving roommates. Maybe they were right.

She was profoundly disappointed that he had not come. She had been excited by their relationship, he was older and seemed glamorous, romantic and slightly dangerous. She was going to go away with him if he asked her. All night long she thought she saw him out of the corner of her eye but it was always a shadow. She had worried several times during her vigil that something might have happened to him on his way to meet her.  Perhaps he had met with an accident, maybe he was delayed by traffic from Baton Rouge. Traffic at this time of the morning, nonsense! But an accident, she thought, or a mugging, was that possible?  She had her cell phone with her and she had called his number but it rang through to voice mail.  Where was he? He would never do this to her, something terrible had happened! He wasn't coming. Oh why was she still here waiting for him? Now she was angry!

Jessica was cold and wet as she arose from the bench and looked around the square. The lights were flickering off. There was a dog across the square turning the corner of the building sniffing, searching for some scrap of something left behind by the patrons of the cafe next door. She flinched at the sound of two pigeons arguing about the contents of a plastic bag that was left behind by a careless tourist. She heard the far away sound of trash cans being emptied.  The square was coming alive but she was dying a little inside, he had not come for her. She used her silk scarf to wipe away her tears, touching her throat with her fingers, she whispered,

"Damn Vampires!"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

If I were a tussy-mussy

The Victorian language of flowers, sometimes called floriography, or the Japanese Hanakotoba was a means of communication in which various flowers and floral arrangements were used to send secret messages, allowing individuals to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken. This would be delivered in a bouquet called a tussy-mussy. In my list below the first meaning is traditional Victorian and the second meaning is Hanakotoba. 

I decided that I would find the meanings of the flowers that I am fond of and see what that says about me. These are also the flowers I would put in a bouquet, as the words that really best describe might not make the prettiest bouquet. The flowers I love and often have around me are these:

Impatiens - (balsamine) impatience

I can be very impatient when I am ready, and when I had two teenage daughters I was always ready and impatient.  Now that Mr BC has slowed down because he is retired and he doesn't have to hurry, so I often am impatient again.

Azalea - Patient/Modest
Now this would seem a contradiction, however, with Лука I have a lot of patience.  The Japanese meaning is probably more true, as I am modest to the point that it is hard to accept a compliment and I have worked for years to respond with thank you.

Peony - Shame,Bashfulness/Bravery

Again I prefer the Japanese version.  I would like to think I 
am brave.  I would hate to have some Victorian send me a bouquet of peonies because I should be ashamed of something I have done.  But the truth is when I have done something wrong, I sometimes have trouble saying I am sorry. 

Camellia - Waiting,Longing/Unpretending Excellence

I don't like either of theses meanings, waiting=impatience
Unpretending was not even a spell check word.  But I think it means not  being ashamed of being excellent. Thinking back to peonies and false modesty, this one is a contradiction.  However in CA there is sometimes a camellia bush in every yard, there were several in mine as a child and they are lovely flowers.

 Blue Violet - Faithfulness /Honest

I would be proud to find violets in my bouquet, I remember tiny Johnnie jump-ups that use to pop up in the grass around the front porch of my childhood home.  I would pick them for my dollies.

Iris Good News/Glad Tidings
I am always in the market for good news and glad tidings. I would like to report that the best good news came on Wednesday, when my first SS check was FINALLY directly deposited into my checking account.  I would love to give the
glad tidings that I was going to splurge on something for myself, however, like my paychecks before I retired, it is spent already!

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The Prompts:
1.) What type of flowers would be in a bouquet that best describes you?
2.) A memorable fishing trip.
3.) Yuck. Food Poisoning
4.) 10 things you would do if you didn’t have to work.
5.) What’s your stance on ‘labeling’? Were you labeled as a child? Have you labeled your own children? How do you feel about this?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Band Keeps Marching On
We have been busy here in our California home.  We have put together the calendar of moves through the end of the year and it seems as if we are leaving for Missouri again in the middle of October for a quick turn around trip. We are taking some of DD2 things and some of our things back, and not taking the dogs this time so we can make some time with our drive.

We made a trip to Salvation Army, Mr Bankerchick's favorite since his Navy days, but they seem to be closed, so we went to the new Goodwill that opened recently in the shopping center down the street. Now Mr BC likes Salvation Army to other charities, because, he said whenever his ship docked, the SA was always there with coffee and donuts for free, as they got off the ship, unlike the Red Cross which charged the sailors for the coffee and donuts. Important to guys with not much money. He also prefers them to Goodwill, because they will take everything you bring and even pick-up and Goodwill won't. But GW at the new location, took everything this time, and it is way more convenient for drop offs. With our new time constraints we need convenience. However, if we can call ahead it, will be the Salvation Army. We make a trip to the dump today and my front patio area will be clean for the first time in years.  If we did not have a concrete fence around it....well I don't want to talk about it! Anyway the things out there, even the Salvation Army would not want!

We also have to make a trip to see Лука for a few days before we leave.  We made a quick visit last week because we needed a Лука fix.  Every time we see him, he is a different kid, he was so much fun this time because it was non-stop talk.  He makes up stories as he plays, his imagination runs wild. I can sit on the floor with him and follow along, however Mr BC can't easily do that so he stretches out on the floor along side of him.  This trip he was sent to the couch, albeit with a "please" because he took up too much floor space. Mr BC laughed all the way because that was his preference, we ache for days after a visit from getting up and down from the floor.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Top Ten Fall Fashion Favorites-Shoes????

Until I broke by ankle several years ago I loved my shoes, then I went into a period of ugly shoes, which I go for comfort and support rather than fashion.  Since I am moving and only taking shoes that I actually wear.  I have donated many of my favorites that I have not worn since the break!  So once I get to Missouri this fall we can think more about these beauties.  Look at the ankle support! The style! The feathers?  on second thought maybe the ones I have are not so ugly agter all.

Think of the time saved by not having to match socks when you do the laundry, attached socks are the rage.

Money could be saved by creating these at home with the duct  tape . Again the attached socks

Лука would like these by Givenchy.  It has Lego heels

I know that my ice skating days are over, but these could make me feel that I am skating on thin ice

Perfect shoes for Missouri... all weather sandles

Do you think this would accentuate my cankles? 

I always liked MaryJanes and I love boots.  This is Prada
I am a little concerned about the PETA people...
Is this too minimalist?

I am not sure about these but I was fascinated by the toe.

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1.) Your crazy in laws. (inspired by Laural Out Loud)
2.) Where I’m From poem. Copy this template and fill in the blanks. (inspired by our Bloggy Boot Camp Writer’s Workshop)
3.) Share a family favorite childhood recipe. (inspired by Apron Strings and Foodie Things)
4.) A time you felt wronged by a teacher. (inspired by Great Fun 4 Kids)
5.) Your top ten Fall Fashion favorites.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Organization? What Organization?

Right now every flat surface in my house is stacked.  That is SOP around here.  Also every drawer is jammed packed, also standard.  So since we are going to move and have a house in MO that has everything one would need to live. some paring down will need to happen in both places before we can sell this house. Luckily we only have one mortgage here in CA but we do have to sell,  (It would be nice this year, but I'm sure that is a pipe dream) So right now I am getting ready to move.

The kitchen is first.  I have 15 more drawers like the above just in our tiny galley kitchen.  We have lived here 26 years in our starter 3 bedroom condo That tells you something about property prices in CA.  With our $850 mortgage and HO fees we were not interested in moving up.  Prior to that we moved around a lot every few years so I didn't have much clutter build up. Now it is all around us. And I am tackling it! Right now my big dining room table is filled with sorting boxes, the trash is full and the Salvation Army is due a delivery later this week.

By Wednesday, the kitchen needs to be finished.  We are going to Santa Barbara then for some well deserved Grandson, therapy. Then the office/Mr Bankerchick's dressing room, is next if I can get the door open!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Back from Missouri

This is the Before Picture-Don't have an after-Imagine neat mowing job and chain link fence
Hello I am back to the world of blogging. I have been to Missouri with Mr Bankerchick moving his MGTF back to the homestead. We managed 3 weeks without WIFI, cable or even digital TV. We did move our dvds back so we worked during the day and watched a movie at night.We also had folks over for dinner. It was nice repaying some of the invitations we have accepted over the years when we went back to visit. I love the peace and quiet of our new home and small town. It was very hot the first week, but was lovely and fall like the last week. We also accomplished getting a fence installed and the pups really loved running around a yard the size of most pooch parks.The dogs traveled well on the way back. but couldn't stand each other on the way out. Long days, short tempers and Totem argued if Gwennie wanted any attention. from me. He road the whole time to and from on my lap.
I missed out reporting on Лука's first hair cut. We spent several days in Santa Barbara before we left. DD1 is expecting a baby brother for him, in February, He is not talking about it much. We will be seeing him soon and it should be interesting if he is acknowledging it yet. DD1 sent the ultrasound video and it was amazing. We did not have that option in my day, neither did we know what we were having, though there was amnio... it was only used if necessary, so I got to wait until the delivery in order to find out what the sex was. Ahh... tecnhnology! It's nice being back, however, we have a lot to do these next 2 months before we head back with our belonging. It will probably be three more trips, as DD2 has decided to go with us. We have to sell the house in CA, come back to Santa Barbara for DD1 delivery. And there is the unrestored TR3 that has to be moved back.