Thursday, September 29, 2011

If I were a tussy-mussy

The Victorian language of flowers, sometimes called floriography, or the Japanese Hanakotoba was a means of communication in which various flowers and floral arrangements were used to send secret messages, allowing individuals to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken. This would be delivered in a bouquet called a tussy-mussy. In my list below the first meaning is traditional Victorian and the second meaning is Hanakotoba. 

I decided that I would find the meanings of the flowers that I am fond of and see what that says about me. These are also the flowers I would put in a bouquet, as the words that really best describe might not make the prettiest bouquet. The flowers I love and often have around me are these:

Impatiens - (balsamine) impatience

I can be very impatient when I am ready, and when I had two teenage daughters I was always ready and impatient.  Now that Mr BC has slowed down because he is retired and he doesn't have to hurry, so I often am impatient again.

Azalea - Patient/Modest
Now this would seem a contradiction, however, with Лука I have a lot of patience.  The Japanese meaning is probably more true, as I am modest to the point that it is hard to accept a compliment and I have worked for years to respond with thank you.

Peony - Shame,Bashfulness/Bravery

Again I prefer the Japanese version.  I would like to think I 
am brave.  I would hate to have some Victorian send me a bouquet of peonies because I should be ashamed of something I have done.  But the truth is when I have done something wrong, I sometimes have trouble saying I am sorry. 

Camellia - Waiting,Longing/Unpretending Excellence

I don't like either of theses meanings, waiting=impatience
Unpretending was not even a spell check word.  But I think it means not  being ashamed of being excellent. Thinking back to peonies and false modesty, this one is a contradiction.  However in CA there is sometimes a camellia bush in every yard, there were several in mine as a child and they are lovely flowers.

 Blue Violet - Faithfulness /Honest

I would be proud to find violets in my bouquet, I remember tiny Johnnie jump-ups that use to pop up in the grass around the front porch of my childhood home.  I would pick them for my dollies.

Iris Good News/Glad Tidings
I am always in the market for good news and glad tidings. I would like to report that the best good news came on Wednesday, when my first SS check was FINALLY directly deposited into my checking account.  I would love to give the
glad tidings that I was going to splurge on something for myself, however, like my paychecks before I retired, it is spent already!

This post was inspired by: 

The Prompts:
1.) What type of flowers would be in a bouquet that best describes you?
2.) A memorable fishing trip.
3.) Yuck. Food Poisoning
4.) 10 things you would do if you didn’t have to work.
5.) What’s your stance on ‘labeling’? Were you labeled as a child? Have you labeled your own children? How do you feel about this?


  1. I liked your take on the prompt...looking up meanings of the flowers you love the most. I wonder why the meanings vary so much from source to source?

  2. I loved this post. I appreciate the info. Never heard the term tussy mussy but I will remember it now! Thanks again.

  3. I love peonies and I definitely agree that the "bravery" meaning is far more suitable. Can you imagine giving someone flowers with a negative message on purpose?

  4. I love your research and sharing of yourself on this neat post! My grandmother was a florist, so I love these bouquet posts.

  5. That's really interesting.. I didn't know that there is so much meaning behind the different flowers.
    Visiting from Mama Kat's