Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Waiting Game

Well, the due date has come and gone so we decided to go up to Santa Barbara to wait. Last week DD1's doctor indicated it would be next week
one way or another, so we decided to go up this weekend. We are going to stay in a hotel since SIL's mom is here so I made reservations. There is going to be a sonagram on Monday afternoon, if she hasn't delivered, they will make decisions... from there. DD1 said she was really glad we were coming up as I was induced for DD2 and she wants to talk. SIL called last night and said come on down. So after we drop off Gwennie at the kennel, we will be off. I will keep the page updated. More to come!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

End of a So So Week for me.

I broke a tooth Thursday night, I thought it already had a root canal, since it did not hurt! I am not a good dental patient and do not go unless something is wrong.....Bad Idea! The tooth had a great big cavity with the previous filling missing....when did that happen? Well bad news Dr BC had to pull it and I will have an expensive bridge put on. I have already been saving up for a partial on the bottom and some of that money is going to the bridge so that will wait for a while. While I was in the chair, there was some shouting from another room,(not from Pain) as a man tried to start a fight with the dentist. He was upset about all the novacaine shots. Apparently he has a low threshold of pain, which I can understand, but he made threats and racial slurrs toward my denist, Not cool, so security was called, and when I left everything was still up in the air. The dentist gave me drugs so I spent Friday relatively comfortable and today I am going to take Gwennie and Mr BC a walk......Still nothing on the grand least he did not decide to come while I was drugged up.

So President Obama and I had a memorable week.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New President

Courtesy of Yahoo News/Legoland

Well the hoopla is over and it is down to work for Obama. Mr BC tivoed it for me and it was nice fast forwarding away from the non-news happy talk and get to the speechafying. It was a good speech sincere and heartfelt. President Obama and Congress have a monumental job ahead and it won't be pretty.

I am a child of the 50's and 60's so having a black man in the Oval Office was something I had not thought I would not see in my life time. I remember a time when it was truely unthinkable. I am glad I was wrong, times change, and diversity is here and in action. Well done!

Now we have a new President and he will get down to work and he will, before we might want it, have a very short honeymoon. He will cease being the first African-American president and be THE president and the focus of all that is good and bad in this country. Good Luck Mr President! I would not want your job for the world!

Friday, January 16, 2009

End of the week.....still not a gramma yet....Sigh!

Well it is another week closer to the 28th. I guess things could be worse and DD1 could have 11 months to go! That would be a long wait!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Well I guess I am back!

I have rested and am venturing out to the blogosphere again. I have been checking out some of my friends and will start commenting soon!

Mr Bankerchick and I are about to have or first grand, child a boy, who will be named Luka, and we are on top of the world. He is due Jan 28 and we are ready for him. His grandmother from Serbia is coming soon and we will both be first time grandmas. Actually I think she will be a Baba!
I have set my retirement date for the end of 2009, and that gives me something to really look forward to...... time to spend with Luka!