Saturday, January 24, 2009

End of a So So Week for me.

I broke a tooth Thursday night, I thought it already had a root canal, since it did not hurt! I am not a good dental patient and do not go unless something is wrong.....Bad Idea! The tooth had a great big cavity with the previous filling missing....when did that happen? Well bad news Dr BC had to pull it and I will have an expensive bridge put on. I have already been saving up for a partial on the bottom and some of that money is going to the bridge so that will wait for a while. While I was in the chair, there was some shouting from another room,(not from Pain) as a man tried to start a fight with the dentist. He was upset about all the novacaine shots. Apparently he has a low threshold of pain, which I can understand, but he made threats and racial slurrs toward my denist, Not cool, so security was called, and when I left everything was still up in the air. The dentist gave me drugs so I spent Friday relatively comfortable and today I am going to take Gwennie and Mr BC a walk......Still nothing on the grand least he did not decide to come while I was drugged up.

So President Obama and I had a memorable week.

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