Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday 9-Brilliant

Saturday 9: You're Beautiful (2005)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? 

 Hear it here

1) The first line is of this song is, "My life is brilliant." Using one word, describe your life.  "True." 

2)  This is about a chance encounter between strangers in a crowd, specifically the subway. What "crowded place" were you most recently in? On my trip to London last fall, recent. Victoria Station at 5 pm on a Friday night.  Just getting to the escalator going down, was a mob.  By the way, Phil Sayer, 62, whose voice was heard on most of the automated PA systems on railway stations across the UK, died on Thursday. Mind the Gap

3) Near the very end of this song, James Blunt sings, "It's time to face the truth." Do you believe you face things head on? Or do you tend to deny or put off the unpleasant? I tend to put off unpleasant things.

4) James Blunt went to an all-boys school. Some educators recommend single-sex classrooms because they maintain girls just naturally approach subjects like math and science differently than boys do. Do you agree? 
I don't think I would have liked going to an all girls school, but it is probably true.

5) Blunt put his father in charge of his finances. Income taxes are top of mind for many of us this time of year. Do you do your own taxes? Or do you go to an accountant or tax preparation service? I do it using Turbo Tax. Sending it off this weekend, we always owe.  *See Procastination.

6)  In 2005, the year this song was a hit, the sitcom How I Met Your Mother was also popular.  Do you know how your parents met? 
Yes, New Years Eve 1945, My Mom's cousin dated my Dad's cousin and they fixed the two of them up. It was love at first sight for them. They stayed out all night and married in June of 1946.

7) 2005 is also the year Tom Cruise famously jumped on a sofa. Do you remember where he did this?   On the Oprah Show.  I didn't see it when it happened, and really didn't care.

8) 2005 was also the year YouTube really took off. What's the last video you watched? Something on Facebook, I'm sure. Probably something Corgi related.

9) Random question ... Which of these high profile jobs would you enjoy more: head of General Motors, CEO of Apple or president of the New York Yankees?

CEO of Apple, because it would mean that I am very smart about computers and programming, I'd have the most amazing blog with all kinds of bells and whistles.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Fragments

Mr BC has switched over to a dialysis cycler, from manual dialysis.  It has made our days available to us again, because he sleeps through the night while it works its magic instead of doing it several time in 4 hour chunks..  Yesterday, we ran errands and had lunch out, at Panera, for the first time. I liked it.  I had a Thai chicken salad.

Spring is here, there are still blossoms on the redbud but the forsythia is leafed out green. Did you know redbud blossoms grow directly out of the bark of the tree?  I didn't.  I still have some bulbs that will blossom, though most have come and gone.  I was worried about a dry spring, but there are more storms to come on the weekend and next week.

Gwennie is afraid of thunderstorms, and spends the duration in the shower,  She can get quite wet if the shower has been in recent use.  I got a good sized teak bathmat?? to keep her up off the floor of the shower and less damp.  She seems to think the shower is more secure, than under the bed where she is most of the time.

We are preparing the RV for our trip to CA.  Have an appointment for servicing on Friday.  When we had some work done last a provider, not to be mentioned. We paid quite a lot and the electrical...when switched to DC....quit working, and that made it hard to refrigerate while driving.
The guy told Mr BC to try something, that might work, but we still have a drip from the air conditioner and the servicing to be done.

I think I mentioned before we are getting a park, not far from where we live.  The entrance will be right on old Route 66 and we right down the street about 3 blocks.

Caшa has gone to Belgrade with his Daddy on his yearly spring trip to the University of Belgrade.  Лука is now in school and this does not coincide with his daddy's trip, so now it is the little one's chance to travel with daddy to Serbia and visit with family.  He is having a good time with his daddy, family and their kids. We get pictures almost every day.  The both boys were there for Orthodox Christmas in Jan.  Лука is having a great time too....Mama took him to the USS Iowa in San Pedro, for a day's adventure. 

He is a Lefty.....good try!

Saturday, April 09, 2016

That's What Friends are For-Saturday 9

Saturday 9: That's What Friends Are For (1985)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) This week's song is performed by an all-star quartet: Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder. You have your choice: which of these four would you most like to see in concert? 
I would really like to see Elton John, he is such a crazy talent.

2) Dionne Warwick was Whitney Houston's cousin. Name a Whitney Houston song.  The Greatest Love of All.

3) Gladys Knight owns a chain of chicken and waffle restaurants around Atlanta. When you have waffles, what do you top them with? (Powdered sugar? Butter? Syrup? Fruit?)
When I eat Eggos, I spread PB and maple syrup.  Those are the only waffles I eat.

4) Elton John has turned his bad eyesight into a hobby, claiming that over the years he has purchased well over than 200,000 pairs of glasses. Do you wear glasses? If so, how many prescription pairs do you own? 
I currently have only one pair of prescriptions, they are blue frames. I really need to visit the eye doctor and get new glasses.

5) Stevie Wonder has a scar on his nose from a 1973 car crash. Have you ever been in a car accident? 
I was hit by a drunk driver when we lived in CA.  We were moving and were taking a load to our new house. On the way back, Mr BC was following me on the 10 freeway he had DD1 with him and I had DD2 with me, asleep in the back seat, it was late after 10pm.  The driver clipped me in the rear bumper and my car spun across all the lanes and I stopped facing oncoming traffic.  Since Mr BC was behind me he put on his flashers and slow the traffic so no one hit me.  It was very scary but we weren't hurt.  

6) Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager were married when they wrote this. Do you know a husband and wife who work together? 
My mom and dad worked together.  He was an attorney and she was his legal secretary.  It always surprised me that they worked together so well. 

7) This song celebrates friendship through good times and bad. Tell us about a happy time you recently shared with someone close to you. When my BFF from high school found me on Facebook, I called and had a 3 hour phone call just like we did in high school.

8) Now share a time when you were there for a friend through a tough time. Too many years, too many friends. I am a pretty good friend....though.

9) Random question: When is the last time you were out of breath?
When Mr BC was ill, one of his problems was shortness of breath even after the hospital stay. We had to jump thru hoops to get home oxygen from medicare. For a couple of weeks when he breathed hard, I was deep breathing right along with him.