Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Fragments

Mr BC has switched over to a dialysis cycler, from manual dialysis.  It has made our days available to us again, because he sleeps through the night while it works its magic instead of doing it several time in 4 hour chunks..  Yesterday, we ran errands and had lunch out, at Panera, for the first time. I liked it.  I had a Thai chicken salad.

Spring is here, there are still blossoms on the redbud but the forsythia is leafed out green. Did you know redbud blossoms grow directly out of the bark of the tree?  I didn't.  I still have some bulbs that will blossom, though most have come and gone.  I was worried about a dry spring, but there are more storms to come on the weekend and next week.

Gwennie is afraid of thunderstorms, and spends the duration in the shower,  She can get quite wet if the shower has been in recent use.  I got a good sized teak bathmat?? to keep her up off the floor of the shower and less damp.  She seems to think the shower is more secure, than under the bed where she is most of the time.

We are preparing the RV for our trip to CA.  Have an appointment for servicing on Friday.  When we had some work done last a provider, not to be mentioned. We paid quite a lot and the electrical...when switched to DC....quit working, and that made it hard to refrigerate while driving.
The guy told Mr BC to try something, that might work, but we still have a drip from the air conditioner and the servicing to be done.

I think I mentioned before we are getting a park, not far from where we live.  The entrance will be right on old Route 66 and we right down the street about 3 blocks.

Caшa has gone to Belgrade with his Daddy on his yearly spring trip to the University of Belgrade.  Лука is now in school and this does not coincide with his daddy's trip, so now it is the little one's chance to travel with daddy to Serbia and visit with family.  He is having a good time with his daddy, family and their kids. We get pictures almost every day.  The both boys were there for Orthodox Christmas in Jan.  Лука is having a great time too....Mama took him to the USS Iowa in San Pedro, for a day's adventure. 

He is a Lefty.....good try!


  1. Your husband must be relieved with the new dialysis procedure. And you, of course.

    The boys are growing up rapidly. Nice to see their pictures again.