Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Vacation

We are going to San Diego again, this time in the RV. The weather has been beautiful but cool. We waited to reserve a spot until we had some weather reports and it is a go! This is the first time we are taking Gwennie with us and so we checked the dog friendly guide and SD is way dog friendly, we plan to go to the dog beach.

Here is Gwennie knowing something is up! More to come the place has WiFi!

Monday, December 24, 2007

It's the day before Christmas and all through my house, only 4 legged quadrupeds are awake, besides me, of course! The Christmas Eve chili is bubbling away in the crockpot, started last night and cooking all day until the chicken (non-beef-eating family here) falls apart, I serve usually with beans or rice on the side.

I baked very little this week and I only have to go out for a couple of things, that's why I am up so early. It is quiet in the house, DD1 and SIL have been here since Saturday, they came by train from Santa Barbara! Getting ready was not so much a challenge as we had done a thorough fall cleaning, and still getting some benefit from that! DD2 had the whole day off and we all went to my Brother and SIL's house for Christmas Dinner last night. We like to get together on Christmas Eve for our chili, however, it was her first opportunity to do a big family meal in her new beautiful, kitchen. Scads of room, but we are going back to chili next year as it is so easy and they don't have to spend so much time cooking! I know they are tired and so we all will have a low key Christmas Eve, in our own homes.

I got a great night sleep and not too much to do today, most of us have no pressing tasks or any real place to go. DD2 has to work but will be home by 5pm, so it will be family time. I am planning a breakfast for Christmas day and the Kids will go back to Santa Barbara on the train, Christmas afternoon. I have the rest of the week off and since the weather is so nice here in SoCal, we might take the trailer out, but we don't have to, and that is what makes this week so nice!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Party:LONG Drive Home

This Week TN Chick selected LONG

Every year my boss throws a great party for all the managers (no significant others), and I never miss them, (the parties, not the spouses) because they are so much fun. This year was no exception. We had a LONG but fantastic year so it was a little more lavish than usual.

It was at a lovely restaurant in Beverly Hills, Il Cielo. When you look it up on the Net, it has very mixed reviews, they say the service is slow and dinner takes a LONG time. Our night was lovely! The service and food was great.
This year we had a DJ and everyone danced, even me. (that is not me) The roof opens up so you can see the sky and before too LONG they opened it so we could cool off after dancing I probably wouldn't have danced much if Mr BC was there, because he doesn't dance much, usually one slow dance is his limit. Even though past parties have been fun, I am usually home by 10:00 PM, because it was Drinks and horses'doors, Dinner, awards, skits, laughter and gifts, over! But I acually stayed there until 11:45 and was home after a LONG Drive from Beverly Hills to San Bernardino County.

I didn't win the centerpiece this year. Too bad because they were beautiful. But it was a LONG shot after all. It was a LONG evening, but a good time was had by all !

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Favorite Red Things

I Loved these at the Movies

The first Movie I can remember seeing the next one is Bambi

We saw lots of these in Missouri over Thanksgiving

We had oodles of red squirels when we Lived in Michigan

A Missouri red sunset
Mr BC's Mistress, the red Hussy!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I borrowed this from Linda at Are We There Yet?
The Five Things Meme

Found in My Room (the Living/Dining room.!) ...
1. A dusty stack of wine bottles, (full)
2. A chair I need to take back to storage
3. My computer and printer
4. A pop up trash can I am using for a laundry basket.
5. A bag of doggie treats I bought for Gwennie

I've Always Wanted to Do ...
1. Live in England for a while to see everything.
2. Take a Cruise with Mr BC, I know he would love it.
3. Tour the US in for a Year (with Travel Trailer this may get done)
4. Have a house at the Beach in some tropical spot.
5. Learn how to draw and paint. (no talent at all)

Found in My Purse
1. A lip stick I forget to use
2. pennies
3. A paint swatch
4. Various decongestants that someone said would work.
5. Eye cream, that won't help

Found in My Wallet ...
1. About $40.00 mostly in 1's and 5's
2 Drivers Licence
3. Albertson's Preferred Card
4. My Train Pass
5. My Pet Perks Card for Gwennie's treats.

I 'm Currently Into ...
1. Finding things to make the travel trailer more Comfortable, I just bought fleece sheets,
2. Reading end of the world books, currently Alas Babylon.
3. Packing for my trip Thanksgiving Day, no cooking for me!
4. Thinking about updating my kitchen still.
5. Losing 20 more pounds to make my Doctor Happy, when she gets back from maternity leave
in January. That will be a trick during the holidays.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

Well I got back on line and was struck down a couple of days later with a nasty head cold. I tried everything everyone told me to do to kill it before it started but nothing worked and I am out of sick days and did not want to use up vacation I have scheduled for the end of the year so I toughed it out. The worst of it was this week when the stuffy nose was gone but the hacking cough was on with me, it lasts for weeks after I am feeling better, keeping me and Mr BC up. If he was here to be kept up. I have found a product and I hate its name and commercials, but it does work Mucinex DM has brought peace back to my nights and I feel up an raring to go. I still think their commercials are yuckey, but it works.

I am going to spend this weekend getting ready for my trip to Missouri to see grandma and Mr BC. I have stacks of laundry to do since he has been gone and then I got sick. I was wearing underwear that was lacking elasticity and clothes from the back of my closet, so I got to get on it. I also have to get caught up on my blogging. I am flying out this Thursday leaving DD1 and DD2 to give thanks alone this year or at least with other friends and family.

Mr BC made it back to MO in the new trailer and pronounced it quite cozy. They are predicting snow for Thanksgiving and we are going to leave the following Sunday, so I hope it is cozy! We are going to Santa Fe, New Mexico and as that it quite high, I imagine we could see snow or at least cold weather while we are there so I am packing warmly.

Gwennie has been missing her dad, and DD2 and I are not as diligent about long walks as he is. I take her to pooch park to visit her friends on weekends and DD2 and I have had her out on a few walks. She rebelled by eating a hole in my living room rug in her dig for China, Bad Dog! I don't blame her thought I never liked the rug anyway, I will just turn it the other way for now.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Here I am!

I promised I would get back online today. I have been a long time gone. My weekends have been full of home repair and cleaning and my week days full of work and rest. I have been in bed every night at 8PM and dragging myself up next day. I would try to get online at night and on weekends to at least read and comment but I couldn't muster the energy or sadly the enthusiasm. I think I was developing a little depression because of all that I had to do.

All of this activity was due to the impending weekend visit of my SIL mom and dad, from Serbia. Also because my theory of housekeeping is "My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. " That only works if it is truly healthy! I confess to not being a fastidious housekeeper and my part-time housekeeper (Mr BC) and I need motivation to keep up, and that involves inviting someone to visit. SIL is fastidious and DD1 is too, so I clean like the Queen is coming to visit whenever they come home. This time Mr BC and I decided to raise the ante and not just stuff things into closet and drawers but, really purge, clean and repair. The visit was last weekend and I have been feeling down, Since Monday, Mr BC left to visit his mom in Missouri for a couple of weeks, and I have been left with a clean house that has to stay that way but will since the removal of much clutter.

The weekend went well, I really like the In-laws and wish I could really talk to them, SIL has a tough job as translator and the weekend was noisy. This is usually why we only see them once during their visit, is stressful with everyone talking at once. I also feel that DD1 has a tough time trying to please everyone and fielding comments about potential grandchildren. Really, sweetheart we will be content until they come.

I spent yesterday getting a manicure and pedicure and running errands that should have been done on other Saturdays. Today I am taking Gwennie for a walk in Claremont and we will end up at the pooch park, after I go around the Blog o sphere to visit my friends.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Things I did Get Done Last Week

This is not my image, however it does give you an idea of what the Trailmanor looks like on the road. We put it up and down several times and it sets up like a breeze. The only difficulties we had was getting it hitched up. Mr Bankerchick is going to take it back to the dealer and have an electric hitch lift??? put on it so we don't unscrew our shoulders from our arms, cranking it up and down. He uses his cordless drill to jack the trailer level, very smart, we learned that from the the dealers. I have it preliminary stocked and we are collecting things for our first trip. Mr B is towing it to Missouri to visit his Mom and I am going to fly back on Thanksgiving Day to visit a few days and then we are going to drive it home by way of Santa Fe New Mexico and the Grand Canyon for a week.
We spent the majority of the weekend working on this so not much got done. We did:
3. Install new patio dog door. Gwennie does not want to go in and out of it so we are still encouraging her with treats. The cat does not want to use it as well, I think if they go out the regular way and get left alone, they will figure it out.
4. The old TV is staying put as the new littler one is in the trailer.
6. Find a new spot for the dog crate
7. Get Gwennie to go into crate in new spot. She is afraid of change. She is using the crate she knows where the comfortable spots are! So I know she is smart enough to use the dog doors.
13. I did get up Monday morning and go to work. It was too ambitious a list! I am going out to Read and Comment on my favorites right now.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Why I won't blog much this weekend!

Thirteen Things about this weekend

1…. We have to pick up the new travel trailer and learn how to use it.
2. Fix 2 screens
3. Install new patio dog door
4. Take large TV out of my closet and put in Dining room,(junk central)
with the rest of the stuff for Goodwill.
5. Work in office to set it up as an Office.
6. Find a new spot for the dog crate
7. Get Gwennie to go into crate in new spot. She is afraid of change.
8. Go thru stuff from out old tent trailer to see if anthing can be used for
the new rig.
9. Take Gwennie to her weekly pooch park outing.
10. Call my brother to say we won't be hosting Thanksgiving this year
because we will be out in the new camper.
11. Clean out hall closet
12. Clean out linen closet. (both to find things that will go in the camper)
13. Get up Monday morning and find energy to go to work!
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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our trip to Big Bear

Big Bear Lake, California has had an interesting past, starting with the Serrano Indians who hunted and trapped Grizzly's in the area. Hunters came in 1845 and gold was discovered in 1860 in a nearby valley. The area grew as roads were built to carry supplies and passengers to the area. In 1911 a dam was constructed to form the lake. In 1952 the first ski resort Snow Summit was created and Big Bear is a thriving year round resort.
We stayed at Northwoods Resort, while not on the lake was very beautiful and hospitable. We had our own spot to park the MG's and a fantastic hospitality suite, and a wonderful group price as our room was more like a suite and very comfortable. The no pets rule was the only downside and Gwennie stayed home with her big sister. She would have loved it and we plan to take her there someday as the town itself is very pet friendly.
The mountain area, was under attack by fire and the main road was closed, however, it was quite a distance away and the resort areas were safe. As of today the fire is 100% contained, last Saturday as we walked around town. There were many signs in businesses, thanking the firefighters who were staying around town for rest before going back up to the fire lines.
Saturday there was some rain and we thought about snow, the rain was predicted so we took the MGB rather that the MGTF, since the B has winshield wipers that work and it is a little snugger than the TF. Sunday morning we saw only ice melting on the ground and the cars, as we prepared to leave. And it was a beautiful day. The heavy rain happened down the mountain in LA, San Bernardino and Riverside County as it came thru Southern California.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Last Week: Very Interesting

Mr Bankerchick and I were away this weekend to a Mini Gathering of the Faithful (GoF)with our Vintage MG Club. Pictures to come. We stayed in a great spot in Big Bear Village and had a wonderful time. We really had a chance to meet and and really get to know many of the folks better.

We also had an interesting week as we found the travel trailer of our dreams. We have been looking for a Trailmanor that has been previously owned as they say. And Mr B found it at Custom RV in Anaheim. We have been on the look out for one after seeing them in at that dealer. It's nice to work for a bank as I got an employee loan in about a day and we will be picking it up next Saturday. We will probably take it on a shake down trip one weekend soon, and for a week at Thanksgiving. It will probably be Turkey cutlets on TG Thursday. It is not a pop-up tent trailer but a telescoping full size 30 foot. It tows at 23 feet. We have heard nothing but good things. We should have some great adventures when we are both retired in 2009.
This may seem like a paid post but these RV folks have been great in helping us find what we want and we are very excited.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Thirteen Things I have been watching on TV this year,

1…. Medium...Fun and not too scary-NBC, I am eagerly waiting for the new season, just to see how much the girls have grown.

2....Dr Who... on SciFi (Last Saturday's was Fantastic)and BBC America, I have started watching Torchwood on BBCA, and not made up my mind yet. Anything that is British Mysteries on BBCA , PBS or anywhere, I am there.

3....My Boys on TBS a cute sit com with a girl sportswriter and her guy friends. They just did a great send-up of Friends.

4..... Formula One on Speed. This has turned out to be one of those things that Mr BC watches and I would blog but I have picked up a lot by osmosis It is almost a soap opera with rivals on teams, team espionage and a driver named Kimi (Raikkon). He won on Sunday.

5.....TIVo Star Trek Voyager....SpikeTV I didn't really watch it when it was new. Yes I am a closet Trekker.) I did not like the Captain, But it is growing on me.

6....The Closer. TNT I just watched the season finale and I am not sure I will watch next season as I like the premis and I liked Kyra Sedgewick's spunk the first season, however she was more of a pain this season and became a caricature at the end. Some series should end, while they are ahead....Saving Grace TNT it's summer and it is new, I am not sure that I like it for the same reason as above, and the character is not very likable.

7....House Fox. I love Hugh Laurie, ever since Jeeves and Wooster on PBS. He is so funny and can do a wicked American accent. He does great comedy and this show has a touch of comedy and drama.

8. Rome HBO I can't wait for it to come back next year and I am hoping they rerun soon on On Demand as I missed a couple.

9.....Almost anything on HGTV I like the DIY, I Want That, The Gardening, stuff and spend a lot of time doing it around the house during the winter and spring.

10...The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy channel and thanks to Sarge Charley The 1/2 Hour News Hour on Fox. That way I have all sides of political Humor. Satire is for everyone, right or left. And laughing makes me happy.

11....America's Funniest Home Videos even the reruns ABC. That program still makes me laugh after all these years. I like Tom Bergeron better that Bob Saget.

12....The 4400 USA, this had a good premis on the first and second season and to keep me watching they had better wrap this up a little this season ending or I will probably dump it like I did LOST. You have to give the viewers a reason that things happen at least a hint. I got tired of watching LOST with very little hints of what was really happening . Even scifi and fantasy have to have some kind of reason.

13...Eureka....Scifi... I like this one a good story every week and a backstory that could be meaningful. It is funny and makes me laugh. The world ends almost every week and everyone out side of Eureka never knows about it. Fun

The new season is about to start and I have spotted some shows I may check out so I may have some new favorites to TIVO. I love being able to watch when I want to watch.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Awards, and the Emmy goes to.........

Some one nice I hope! However in TV land that might not be possible....

The Emmy's are on tonite....and I probably will not watch again this year, because I have so many other things on Tivo and Sunday nite that I like to watch. I watch TV a lot, specifically not what the Nielson families watch. CBS, NBC and ABC are really low on my radar and just have a few things on usually at 10:00 that I TIVO for watching earlier the next night or so. Cable has my attention most of the time and maybe I'll T13 that someday. My major TV time is taken up by blogging, reading blogs and finding new blogs to read at the same time the TV is on.

Now back to the main topic. Awards! I certainly did not start to blog for awards and until last Sunday, I had not even received awards and was not really concerned about that as I see them a lot like award shows, there are too many of them. One of my favorites
Akelamalu , though awarded me: The Nice Matters Award, proudly posted on the side of my Blog. it was my first (or so I thought) and it came from Akela and since she is one of the first to ever comment on my blogging efforts and because I read her blog first when I make the rounds. I am honored. She writes a witty, profound, personal and simply WoW blog that I enjoy so much, that I accept humbly and want to thank my............

Now I am suppose to pass it on to 7 others, and if you look at my side bar I have a very select group of that I regularly read and comment on. because I don't have a lot of time. I have some additional links on my Yahoo favorites that I look at when I have a chance and some times they move to my regular reads when I am intrigued and want to comment, otherwise I am a tremendous lurker. Many on my side bar have already received the award and deservedly so, because Nice Matters. However, I did not see it on Chrsty O's: The Misadventures of Captain Poopy, a very interesting name for a Blog. It is not your usual Mommy Blog, however Capt Poopy is adorable and another is on the way. Check out her entry for September 11, it is heartfelt and moving. I will pay it forward some more when I can find someone else who is nice and really make it count. 6 to go and counting.
Saturday and Sunday are my main catch up days and I also decided I should check my Bankerchick e-mail since it had been a very long while. ( I forget to look) I had been awarded post of the day over on The Rising Blogger in August. Many thanks for that. and I did pay it forward, a little belatedly. Late is my middle name. Judd very nicely credited me with being in my 40's and that was a nice compliment since I just started my 60's. I have put that award on my side bar as well as putting the link with all of the rest of my favorite reads, hopefully I will find some new friends by checking The Rising Blogger out.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I ostale djakonije - hrana u izlogu je od plastike, bili smo i u radnji koja prodaje modele hrane, vecina restorana u izlogu ima plasticni model jela koja sluze - korisno za nas Gaidjine (strance)

DD1 and SIL have been in Japan for the last 10 days or so. Big travelers, and they always post pictures as they go. Here is an example and the comment in Serbian, since SIL takes the pictures he writes the comments for his larger Serbian family and we wait for DD1 and SIL to tell us all about it when they get home. Now since I too have been to Japan I can sometimes figure out the comment with my online Serbian translator. So I believe this is an example of offerings in the window of a restaurant, that are PLASTIC models. I believe he is saying the things that look like billard balls is PLASTIC bread, and that the food looks exotic or strange (strance). So how did I do SIL was I close?

Mr Bankerchick and I went to Japan in 1979 and went to many of the same sights and I was amazed at the models of the entrees in the windows of restaurants. We actually see a lot of that in the windows of Asian food emporiums here in SoCal but at the time we went to Japan it almost seemed like Pop Art to me as it was so realistic.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Big Chief and Plaid Dresses-Back to School!

Yesterday, Mr Bankerchick and I were out driving around trying to get our shopping done and listening to Prairie Home Companion, they were doing a compilation of school days stories, and he really got the Bankerchicks talking and thinking about how we got ready to go back to school. We are both in agreement that we were anxious to get back to school after the summer. He grew up in southern Missouri and I grew up in Southern California so BTS shopping was a little different for both of us. I was familiar with Big Chief tablets since my Grandparents had one around the house so my cousin, brother, and I could entertain ourselves with drawing and writing, however, I grew up in the Glory Days of California education, when one did not have to shop much for school supplies as they were provided for us. I can remember the early years of school where the class room monitors would pass out the manila paper with the big lines so we could practice our handwriting. I believed the teacher was mispronouncing the word and could not figure out why they called it vanilla paper for years. I always had a new lunch box and thermos, as we played with the old one all summer and they were dirty and broken by September.

Back to shopping We also shopped differently, Both moms had to get new school shoes for us as we always had gone barefoot all summer outgrew our shoes every few months. In California September can somtimes be the hottest month so I usually started the year with some of summers sundresses and short sleeve shirts and skirts that my mother made for me. We always wore dresses or skirts to school in the conservative '50s and changed into play clothes after school. I usually got a new sweater and jacket, sometimes a hand me down from my older cousins Betsy and Sharon, and it was many years before I resented that, because it was good stuff. My new clothes came from my Christmas gifts later in the cooler months and what my mother sewed for me. I can't remember feeling bad about homemade clothes as she sewed beautifully.

Mr B had the Big Chief book, the pencils, Roy Rogers Pencil box or whoever was popular, and new eraser etc. He had new shirts, as his mom worked at a shirt factory and sewed up shirts from her own material on breaks and such. They were not rich, but his mom was proud, so Mr B usually had the basics that he needed because his mom was careful with her money and always used lay-a-way. He always got to wear his new school clothes because Fall always started in September in Missouri. I usually started wearing my new clothes in late October or November.

Fall clothes were in the stores in August and September, in California but it never was cool enough on the first day of school to wear them, except for the new red or green plaid dress my mom would alway have for me to wear on the first day of school. A tradition that went on for years as she always sent or I bought a new plaid dress for my girls to wear for elementary school, day 1.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Luciano Pavarotti.
This of course is not my photo, but Pavarotti meant music to me! How lucky we are to be able to listen to him forever.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


We went on our second outing with the club and took a tour of the Belmont
Shores, Los Alamitos bay area and the Long Beach historic homes area. As about 20 vintage MG's went up and down Ocean Avenue you have to know that we drew a lot of looks. Many wanted to know where the show was! It was a lot of fun and a beautiful day. We had some lunch and then went on a boat tour of the Naple's area. We got to see the front doors of the multi-million $ homes instead of the garage door view you see from the street. What fun!

This looked like fun, They havewalkway all around the island so you can look up close. I guess at Christmas there are lights all over the homes and their boats.

This is how the other half of California lives. Statistics say that the middle class in CA is shrinking and soon it will be the upperclass and the class that serves them or class warfare, which ever comes first. We have plans to retire somewhere other than Southern California.

The little cruise was great, were in an
little electric boat not a gondola and the homes beautiful. We got to know some other folks in the group and they all seem very nice. We sat with a younger couple at lunch and the talk was all about love of British cars. His wife and I spoke about obsessions!

Our next trip in September is a Mini GoF (Gathering of the Faithful) in Big Bear for two nights. Mr Bankerchick and I have our reservations and are ready to go. It should be a great opportunity to meet and get to know other folks with some of our interests.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Face Off

Sarge Charley tagged me on this and at first this was the only Picture I was going to Post, of me, however, at the bottom of this post I will post a real recognizable picture of me. But first the meme.

I have to answer the following questions:

Title: Bankerchick Scratchings

Name: Kate - That's all you are going to get for now

Country: United States

Occupation: Banker My title is AVP Learning and Development Consultant


Birthday: 07/25/1947

Favorite color: Pinks and Roses for clothes, Warm sunny colors and Green for outdoors and indoors.

Favorite drink: Right now, Starbucks green tea frappaccino, Nestea diet white raspberry ice tea, and water.

Favorite fruit: Watermelon, bing cherries and any type of berrie

Favorite dessert: a Berry Cobbler or pie with ice cream

Hobbies: Travel, I've been to Greece, Turkey, England, Japan and Hawaii in the past 40 years, as well as all over the country. I craft for projects, such as my daughter's wedding in 2005 when I did the flowers. I also read in my spare time, science fiction, biographies, historical novels.
Be sure to follow these simple rules: Post a short article and include your photograph (or more if you want to). If you already have a picture online somewhere, then get creative with a new one :) Next include the link to the others who have displayed their pictures, or even include their pictures in your post, adding a reference to it. So far, these are the brave ones :) ..." I am not going to tag anyone, but if you want to play go ahead.
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