Sunday, September 16, 2007

Awards, and the Emmy goes to.........

Some one nice I hope! However in TV land that might not be possible....

The Emmy's are on tonite....and I probably will not watch again this year, because I have so many other things on Tivo and Sunday nite that I like to watch. I watch TV a lot, specifically not what the Nielson families watch. CBS, NBC and ABC are really low on my radar and just have a few things on usually at 10:00 that I TIVO for watching earlier the next night or so. Cable has my attention most of the time and maybe I'll T13 that someday. My major TV time is taken up by blogging, reading blogs and finding new blogs to read at the same time the TV is on.

Now back to the main topic. Awards! I certainly did not start to blog for awards and until last Sunday, I had not even received awards and was not really concerned about that as I see them a lot like award shows, there are too many of them. One of my favorites
Akelamalu , though awarded me: The Nice Matters Award, proudly posted on the side of my Blog. it was my first (or so I thought) and it came from Akela and since she is one of the first to ever comment on my blogging efforts and because I read her blog first when I make the rounds. I am honored. She writes a witty, profound, personal and simply WoW blog that I enjoy so much, that I accept humbly and want to thank my............

Now I am suppose to pass it on to 7 others, and if you look at my side bar I have a very select group of that I regularly read and comment on. because I don't have a lot of time. I have some additional links on my Yahoo favorites that I look at when I have a chance and some times they move to my regular reads when I am intrigued and want to comment, otherwise I am a tremendous lurker. Many on my side bar have already received the award and deservedly so, because Nice Matters. However, I did not see it on Chrsty O's: The Misadventures of Captain Poopy, a very interesting name for a Blog. It is not your usual Mommy Blog, however Capt Poopy is adorable and another is on the way. Check out her entry for September 11, it is heartfelt and moving. I will pay it forward some more when I can find someone else who is nice and really make it count. 6 to go and counting.
Saturday and Sunday are my main catch up days and I also decided I should check my Bankerchick e-mail since it had been a very long while. ( I forget to look) I had been awarded post of the day over on The Rising Blogger in August. Many thanks for that. and I did pay it forward, a little belatedly. Late is my middle name. Judd very nicely credited me with being in my 40's and that was a nice compliment since I just started my 60's. I have put that award on my side bar as well as putting the link with all of the rest of my favorite reads, hopefully I will find some new friends by checking The Rising Blogger out.

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