Thursday, September 20, 2007


Thirteen Things I have been watching on TV this year,

1…. Medium...Fun and not too scary-NBC, I am eagerly waiting for the new season, just to see how much the girls have grown.

2....Dr Who... on SciFi (Last Saturday's was Fantastic)and BBC America, I have started watching Torchwood on BBCA, and not made up my mind yet. Anything that is British Mysteries on BBCA , PBS or anywhere, I am there.

3....My Boys on TBS a cute sit com with a girl sportswriter and her guy friends. They just did a great send-up of Friends.

4..... Formula One on Speed. This has turned out to be one of those things that Mr BC watches and I would blog but I have picked up a lot by osmosis It is almost a soap opera with rivals on teams, team espionage and a driver named Kimi (Raikkon). He won on Sunday.

5.....TIVo Star Trek Voyager....SpikeTV I didn't really watch it when it was new. Yes I am a closet Trekker.) I did not like the Captain, But it is growing on me.

6....The Closer. TNT I just watched the season finale and I am not sure I will watch next season as I like the premis and I liked Kyra Sedgewick's spunk the first season, however she was more of a pain this season and became a caricature at the end. Some series should end, while they are ahead....Saving Grace TNT it's summer and it is new, I am not sure that I like it for the same reason as above, and the character is not very likable.

7....House Fox. I love Hugh Laurie, ever since Jeeves and Wooster on PBS. He is so funny and can do a wicked American accent. He does great comedy and this show has a touch of comedy and drama.

8. Rome HBO I can't wait for it to come back next year and I am hoping they rerun soon on On Demand as I missed a couple.

9.....Almost anything on HGTV I like the DIY, I Want That, The Gardening, stuff and spend a lot of time doing it around the house during the winter and spring.

10...The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy channel and thanks to Sarge Charley The 1/2 Hour News Hour on Fox. That way I have all sides of political Humor. Satire is for everyone, right or left. And laughing makes me happy.

11....America's Funniest Home Videos even the reruns ABC. That program still makes me laugh after all these years. I like Tom Bergeron better that Bob Saget.

12....The 4400 USA, this had a good premis on the first and second season and to keep me watching they had better wrap this up a little this season ending or I will probably dump it like I did LOST. You have to give the viewers a reason that things happen at least a hint. I got tired of watching LOST with very little hints of what was really happening . Even scifi and fantasy have to have some kind of reason.

13...Eureka....Scifi... I like this one a good story every week and a backstory that could be meaningful. It is funny and makes me laugh. The world ends almost every week and everyone out side of Eureka never knows about it. Fun

The new season is about to start and I have spotted some shows I may check out so I may have some new favorites to TIVO. I love being able to watch when I want to watch.

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