Saturday, September 29, 2012

Down and Out-Saturday 9

1. When did you last feel down and out?
When I owned two houses and paid double utilities and insurance, and (lucky) one mortgage .
2. What do you do to feel sexy?
At 65, I don't often feel sexy, I am more into comfort.  If I want to look nice, I wear make-up and something besides sweats.

3. Do you think people think you are normal?
I think I am normal, that is what is important. My kids probably thought I was weird at one point, but then they grew up. Mr BC probably doesn't think I am normal, but then neither is he.

4. What have you always wanted to do?
Travel and live in other countries.  I have traveled some but I have never lived in another country.

5. What do you appreciate the most about your life at this time?
I like not having to be somewhere if I don't want to be.  I like it that I can stay in my PJ's all day if I want, that I can take a nap if I want.  Retirement is good so far.  Mr BC and I hate appointments and don't make them unless it is absolutely necessary.

6. If you could be somewhere else, where would you be and why?
See # 4 and 5. We made our last trip to CA to pick up our belongings in storage and move them here to MO, we only have to go back to see the grand kids.  We are actually where we want to be right now.
7. Have you ever made a fool of yourself? If yes, spill.
Life is full of embarrassments, but I have grown so old I can't remember them all. Truly I forgive myself and move on.

8. How often do you feel guilty?
At least once a day about something.

9. Give us an example of what you’ve done when feeling low self-esteem.
I eat and spend too much money. Isn't that what we do in some way or another?

 I sure hope someone will be willing to take this over and not feel like I do in Question 5. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back-Saturday 9

1. When was the last time that you asked for your money back?  I did not receive an order, I believe it was delivered to someone else. That happened all the time living in CA.  I had to buy it somewhere else so I asked for the refund and it was immediate.  I asked for my money back from a travel agent who booked a non existent seat on an airplane trip when DD2 went to London for a semester.  In order for her to go that same day everyone else was going we had to put her in Business Class and we had to pay the considerable difference.  We only got a small refund from the agency who said British Airways was at fault and BA said the agents were at fault.  I was very upset at the time.

2. What was the last thing that you did to help someone?
Just yesterday, I helped myself to my grandson which gave the nanny a break.
3. At what point of your life do you think you started to understand who you are?
Maybe by the time you are 30.  I started to understand myself at about 26.

4. Are there times when you thought you had taken a fall, only to discover more about yourself?
I have fallen only to discover I broke my ankle.

5. What was the last thing you did where you could not believe in what you were doing?
The bank I worked with had a payday advance feature which I did not like.  It had a horrible interest rate and people ended in financial difficulties from it. 

6. Do you think that you must struggle to become strong?
I think struggle can give you insight and understanding and for many people it makes them stronger.  I just get anxious if I have to struggle at my age.  My struggles now have to do with pain or with not being able to do what I use to do.

7. Do you feel that your dreams have meaning or are entirely random?
Sometimes they mean something and can correlate directly to something I have done or worried about.  I had some strange dreams when my mom passed away, but I knew what the meaning was.  Most are random and I can even remember them.  I never have had prophetic dreams.

8. What was the last promise you broke?
I don't usually break solemn promises.  I do break promises to myself a lot.  

9. Do you collect anything?
I use to collect dolls and I still have some of them.  Now I collect wrinkles, aching bones and walnuts in the fall.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Do You Want to Dance?- Saturday 9

1. When was the last time that you danced in public?
At DD1's wedding several years ago, we don't dance a lot.

2. Tell us about one of your closest friends.
Sadly I don't have a close friends right now. I guess my kids and Mr BC are the people I confide in.  I have friends but right now they are not my confidents. friends that I confide with would be my definition of a close friend.

3. What is the most that you have ever lost?
Mr BC would say my sense of humor has been lost for a long time. We have lost the title to the truck, it is here somewhere but our search has come up empty and MO won't let us register until we have it.  CA we are still waiting for out duplicate!

4. What was the last thing that you have done to help a neighbor?
I went over to let the dogs out into the yard when her husband went to the hospital last week.

5. It’s election season. What do you think the priorities of the United States really should be?
The economy and getting folks back to work.  It is not women's reproduction, religion or cutting taxes on the rich.

6. What was the last severe weather situation that you and your neighbors endured?
The folks of Joplin had the tornado in 2011 that we missed because we weren't living here at the time.  But yesterday we had a storm that sent the dogs under the bed.  It rained so hard that I am sure it helped with the drought situation we have been enduring.

7. Have you been or are you a vegetarian? Thoughts?
Mr BC tried several years ago and I sort of went along with it at home.  I found that I was starving for protein, all of the protein substitutes gave me gas. Tried and true vegans will tell me I could do it but I'm not interested.

8. If you had a wish for your future, what would it be?
That Mr BC and I will get healthy and live for a long time so we can enjoy our grandsons and travel all we want.
9. Who just doesn’t get it?
She knows who she is.....wait she won't get it.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Space has been very interesting to me this week.  Especially the vastness of it.  This is from
Exp.lore They have some wonderful science videos. I've spent the week not writing but watching You Tube videos on other folks blogs. 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Something to Think About

                                                 I love Carl Sagan!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Always the Last to Know

1. When was the most recent time that you felt that you were the last to know something important?
I am always the last one to know anything, mainly because I am not really too curious and I don't like gossip.

2. Have you ever had a good thing in your life that never ended?
Every good thing will end sometime probably with me.  I am grateful all the good things in my life so far.

3. Do you have any nasty habits?
I don't think so. No!

4. What is something that you still do that you thought you' outgrow?
How about Hot Flashes, when is that suppose to end?
5. Have you lost any of your dreams as time went by?
Well I am not going to be a ballerina, a movie star or play a musical instrument.

6. As you've grown older, what ways are you still act and think the way you did as when you were younger?
I think I am as slim and fresh faced as I was when I was 19, the mirror still shocks me.
I think I can still work as hard as I could before I was 'elderly'.
I still like Rock and Roll.

7. Is there a person in your life who still treats you as the same person your were when younger? Do you like it?
Mr BC treats me as if I the same girl he married 45 years ago. Yes I like it.

8. Have you let yourself go wild in any aspect of your life?
No, I haven't been wild for a long.  Our songs use to be Wild Thing and Devil in the Blue Dress.
9. How do (or did) you parents feel about what you do for a living?
I can't see why they would object to my job, I worked for a bank. If they were around now I still don't think they would object to me working for a financial institution.