Saturday, September 01, 2012

Always the Last to Know

1. When was the most recent time that you felt that you were the last to know something important?
I am always the last one to know anything, mainly because I am not really too curious and I don't like gossip.

2. Have you ever had a good thing in your life that never ended?
Every good thing will end sometime probably with me.  I am grateful all the good things in my life so far.

3. Do you have any nasty habits?
I don't think so. No!

4. What is something that you still do that you thought you' outgrow?
How about Hot Flashes, when is that suppose to end?
5. Have you lost any of your dreams as time went by?
Well I am not going to be a ballerina, a movie star or play a musical instrument.

6. As you've grown older, what ways are you still act and think the way you did as when you were younger?
I think I am as slim and fresh faced as I was when I was 19, the mirror still shocks me.
I think I can still work as hard as I could before I was 'elderly'.
I still like Rock and Roll.

7. Is there a person in your life who still treats you as the same person your were when younger? Do you like it?
Mr BC treats me as if I the same girl he married 45 years ago. Yes I like it.

8. Have you let yourself go wild in any aspect of your life?
No, I haven't been wild for a long.  Our songs use to be Wild Thing and Devil in the Blue Dress.
9. How do (or did) you parents feel about what you do for a living?
I can't see why they would object to my job, I worked for a bank. If they were around now I still don't think they would object to me working for a financial institution.


  1. Number 7... I'm jealous. My first husband and I were married 25 years. Some mental things were going on with him which made it nearly impossible to stay together. My second husband was a piece of crap that had me fooled, sort of. He was different from number one, and I had been divorced so long that I was lonely. Lessons learned. Now its my mom and I...and occasional dinner and movies with my first. I still get lonely and wish for someone because I am getting old, but number 2 burned me so badly I can't get that 'trust thing' going anymore.
    Have a great Saturday. See you on Sunday Stealings!!

  2. I agree that the mirror smacks me back to reality, even though I *think* I'm still young.

  3. I suppose I'm lucky that I have somehow avoided the hot flash thing completely. Of course, I compensated by getting enormously fat and no longer sleeping through the night. Nobody escapes menopause unscathed!

  4. I love number 7! That is so sweet and wonderful.

  5. The hot flushes will go... you can take my word for that.

    Hubby still treats me like we were just married. I don't dislike it but it can be a bit overwhelming at my vast

  6. How wonderful you have not lost the charm your husband found in you. As for parents, we do not have our choice of parents but hopefully develop from their shortcomings like our kids did from ours.

  7. I love your #7. That is so sweet and something to be proud of. :)