Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Counting the Days-Me, Not the Dogs

Well Mr BC is almost finished with his packing, Since we are going to be gone a while, he didn't wait until the last minute.  He was sure our one bag was already close to  50 lbs it was only 28 lbs.  We should be way under the 50lbs even with our carry-ons.  I can't estimate anything, except maybe what my groceries are going to cost each week. 

We have to take the doggies to their boarding.  I didn't like the one that we used when we went to Utah.  All the bedding came back stinking.  I had to throw away one of the beds.  I decided on this one when I went to visit and the washer and dryer was running with bedding they provided.  They are going to be together in a Suite, la de dah,  It even has a TV, we always run the TV in the house when we leave them alone for an hour or so, that decide it, also it is part of a veterinary hospital.  We will take them for a long walk at the park on the way to boarding them.  We are good about taking them with us, but not this time.

I still have a couple of days to clean the house.  Does anyone else clean house before vacation? I like to come back to a uncluttered house and clean sheets, especially when I have stayed in hotels. Although it is more like always wear clean underwear in case your hit by a car.

Another nice thing about Go Ahead Tours is a sweet gal named Kate called me from the Boston Headquarters to give us some last minute tips, and see if we had any questions.  I thought that was a nice bit of Customer Service.  One of the things on my List was to call them.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Stealing

Do you have a sensitive gag reflex? 
I did before I had kids. You have to develop courage to keep them clean and healthy!
Where are you the most ticklish? 
I'm not. 
What was the last situation to upset you? 
The Republican debate.  Just the news in general.
Have you ever had an online argument? 
No, everyone has has been kind in the comments and I don't call people out.  I do like that Facebook is going to have a dislike button. It seems odd to Like something, negative, in agreement.
Do you like to listen to music while filling out surveys (memes)? 
Usually the TV is on. 
How long do you spend on the phone each day, on average? 
Not much at all.  I have never been a telephone talker.  I say what I called for and hang up.  I like that I can screen most calls. 
Is anything in your hair right now, like gel, hairspray, etc.? 
Paul Mitchell Smoothing serum. It is magic on my wiry gray hairs. 
When was the last time you were up before the sun? Do you like wearing sunglasses? Why or why not? Today!  
I am mostly up before it is light and to bed early.  I wear sunglasses to protect my aging eyes if the sun is out. The doctor say it will help deter the growth of my cataracts.  
Last show you watched? 
I saw an episode of Friends and Law and Order this morning early. I didn't say I do anything productive when I get up early!
Next vacation you’re going on? 
Almost everyone knows.....We are leaving for Europe next week.  My packing is almost done.
Do you regret doing anything you’ve done this week?  
Mostly NOT done last week....I only walked the mall 3 times and neglected walking the dogs 2 times.  I walk, for myself 5 times a week....and walk the dogs every day, after, unless it rains or snows...a couple of times this summer it was too hot to go out. 
Last night you felt? 
Constipated.....well, you asked! 
What are you wearing right now? 
My nightgown from last night.  I am going to shower after Sunday Morning is over. 
Have you ever kissed underneath the stars? 
What are you doing now? 
What plans do you have for tonight? 
Visit DD2 while she is here doing some laundry. Go finish packing the suitcase...maybe take a few things out.  
What’s the very first thing you do when you wake up, other than breathe?
Make coffee, and have a little something to eat. Week days drive to the mall to walk or turn on my computer so I can get some things done the rest of the day.  
Do you like reading? 
Oh yes, I have several books going, on my Kindle. I am on book four of Game of Thrones, several city tour books on London, Paris and Rome and a book about Bonnie and Clyde, Mr BC suggested to me. l read that when GOT gets to me.
Do you ever think about stuff and start crying? No, I don't cry much.  
Have you ever kicked a vending machine? No. 
Do people consider you smart? I hope so.  
Have you ever stayed online for a very long time waiting for someone? 
No, I like my tablet because I can check my mail....which may be the only thing I would wait for. 
Do you tend to be aware of what is going on around you? 
Regrettably, not so much as I get older.  
How much money did you spend yesterday?  $00.00
Is there anything in your past that you’d like to try again?
Let me think about that.  Maybe, relax more like this guy and not answer so many questions next time.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Time for Me to Fly-Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Time for Me to Fly (1978)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) How often have you flown so far this year? Not at all this year, until next week when we Fly to London.  We have driven to Santa Barbara this year.

2) Think back to your last flight. Was it pleasant, stressful, or just uneventful? When I fly to Santa Barbara it is a little stressful, because I get on 3 different airplanes with its attendant takeoffs and landings.  Plus I lost my good all weather jacket on that trip.

3) According to the Airports Council International, the world’s busiest airport is Atlanta's Hartsfield. Have you ever been to Atlanta? 
I have driven through Atlanta before, and passed through the airport, getting somewhere else one time.

4) This week’s featured band, REO Speedwagon, took their name from a truck. Have you ever driven a truck? I drive our pick-up Rosie all the time and Mr BC went to Truck Driving School to learn how to drive 18 wheelers.

5) REO Speedwagon got their start in Champaign, Illinois, which is home to the U of I campus and, consequently, many bars. One of the most popular is the Blind Pig on Walnut Street. Give us the name of the bar, club or restaurant where you met up with friends in your younger days. 
Bob's Big Boy in Pasadena.

6) Recently, lead singer Kevin Cronin appeared on an infomercial, hawking TimeLife’s two CD set of Ultimate Rock Ballads. Have you ever purchased anything from TV? I have picked up some As Seen On TV stuff at the drugstore, but I have not ordered anything from TV directly.  I don't watch the Shopping Channels.

7) This song is from the CD, You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tunafish. Is there a can of tuna in your kitchen right now? Yes I have some envelopes of it on the shelf and I have 2 cans steadying my little filing cabinet which lost a wheel during our move. 

8) You Can Tuna Piano, but You Can’t Tunafish is available on eBay on vinyl, CD, cassette and 8 track. Did you have an 8 track player? Yes back in the day.  I think Mr BC has an old boom box in the garage that just plays the radio these days.

9) In 1978, when this song was popular, the first Susan B. Anthony Dollar was minted. How much do you have in coins in your wallet right now? I have a handful of pennies and a dime and 2 quarters.  In my travel purse I have some pounds and euros but no change.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Busy Morning

We had to drive to Neosho, MO to get an appointment to get Miss Tiffany into the Cadillac dealer for the ignition switch  recall that is in the news. Decided to get it done as we had to get a passenger window fixed....it wouldn't go up....and since she is currently out in the driveway and not in the garage, we had to get it fixed before we leave. Since she is so old, she was not under warranty for the window.   That is $300 we will never see again.  They also told us .....after we got there...that they needed both keys..... a little something that I think they should have told us at the time we made the appointment.  We had to drive home 20+miles to get the spare.  Apparently the keys have to be reprogrammed.  I wish we could have waited to see the local dealer.

One thing I managed to do was to get Mr BC out, this morning, so we could buy him a couple of new shirts for the trip.   The last time I was able to get him out to shop was last November to buy some new slacks that weren't several sizes too big. I, of course, have been shopping for months!  The last thing he has to do to get ready, is a hair cut.  He was going to do it today, but we had to get back to the dogs to feed them.  Because of the extra trip, the dogs got lunch instead of breakfast, and they were glad we didn't wait for a hair cut

Monday, September 14, 2015

Maybe a Travel Blog for the next Month?

I spent most of Sunday finalizing our itinerary for our trip.  We are taking a tour with a company call GoAhead Tours  I guess I will have more to say on that when the tour is over. Trip Advisor and other sites had primarily good reviews.  I liked this company because it had some group touring and time to plan on your own.  So that is what I have been doing the past week.  So much to do, so little time, in London, Paris and Rome. 

The plans are made the passports renewed and now I have to pack.  Mr BC and I have decided to go with one larger suitcase, and carryons. This will be the challenge.  To not, over pack.  I am one who wants to be prepared for every contingency, which is why we have a Motorhome....the way to pack, for everything!  One suitcase means that I will have to gather every thing together this week and then start paring down to the essentials. I think I have read every packing tips story on the internet, 

We plan to use the public transportation on our free days and I have been pouring over Google maps.  We also have looked into hop on hop off and have decided against it in London (underground and Bus), using the Batoboats and Metro in Paris, and give the Hop on Hop off Bus in Rome, along with the scheduled tours we have booked with the group.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Well, I meant to post to Facebook!

I guess this is as good a time to start posting again, as any,,,,,I really enjoyed this video of marching geese.

Hello, everyone!  We have had an eventful summer:

We spent July 4th weekend at Starvy Creek Blue Grass Festival  Maggie and Jiggs.  This was our first outing with the Motor Home.  As usual we had a great time.  We took the dogs, as fire works are not allowed, and they start the first of July or earlier in our neighborhood. vexing all the puppies.

In August we went to St George Utah, for my nieces wedding.  It was a true family reunion to have my brother and his family, DD1's family and DD2.  We had a grand time.  It rained all morning but the sun came out in the afternoon. and all was beautiful and fairly cool.
She had cupcakes instead of regular wedding cake, which Caшa, and Лука, enjoyed!  She did have an unusual smaller cake that the bride and groom cut.  It was decorate with blackboard and chalk frosting something she always said she wanted!

The reception was fun with lots of dancing and a photobooth Лука, who has been dancing since he could walk, danced all night along with his mother, or his brother or by himself.  Caшa was possessed by the photobooth.  He photobombed a number of guests and learned how to take the picture.  Every time we lost track of him he was sneaking into the photobooth.

The next event is our trip to Europe at the end of the month.  I have had the London segment pretty well planned for a month,  We are going 2 days earlier than the tour for some extra time.  I splurged on a 3 day London Pass for the extra days and I hope it will be a worth while expense.  One good thing about the pass was last week they sent me an email about some tickets for Buckingham Palace being available,  I went right to the website and scored 2 tickets for one of our non tour days.  It was really something I wanted to do that was not included with GoAhead Tours.