Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Counting the Days-Me, Not the Dogs

Well Mr BC is almost finished with his packing, Since we are going to be gone a while, he didn't wait until the last minute.  He was sure our one bag was already close to  50 lbs it was only 28 lbs.  We should be way under the 50lbs even with our carry-ons.  I can't estimate anything, except maybe what my groceries are going to cost each week. 

We have to take the doggies to their boarding.  I didn't like the one that we used when we went to Utah.  All the bedding came back stinking.  I had to throw away one of the beds.  I decided on this one when I went to visit and the washer and dryer was running with bedding they provided.  They are going to be together in a Suite, la de dah,  It even has a TV, we always run the TV in the house when we leave them alone for an hour or so, that decide it, also it is part of a veterinary hospital.  We will take them for a long walk at the park on the way to boarding them.  We are good about taking them with us, but not this time.

I still have a couple of days to clean the house.  Does anyone else clean house before vacation? I like to come back to a uncluttered house and clean sheets, especially when I have stayed in hotels. Although it is more like always wear clean underwear in case your hit by a car.

Another nice thing about Go Ahead Tours is a sweet gal named Kate called me from the Boston Headquarters to give us some last minute tips, and see if we had any questions.  I thought that was a nice bit of Customer Service.  One of the things on my List was to call them.


  1. I always clean before travel. However, it is more like catching up with what I have let go. Organization is not mr strength.
    Have a great trip.

  2. I like that bit of customer service you got from the tour place. I've never experienced such a thing.
    It's exciting times for you. I hope the dogs have a good time as well.

  3. I guess you're away now, we just got back. Hope you're having a wonderful time, look forward to reading all about it. x