Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Busy Morning

We had to drive to Neosho, MO to get an appointment to get Miss Tiffany into the Cadillac dealer for the ignition switch  recall that is in the news. Decided to get it done as we had to get a passenger window wouldn't go up....and since she is currently out in the driveway and not in the garage, we had to get it fixed before we leave. Since she is so old, she was not under warranty for the window.   That is $300 we will never see again.  They also told us .....after we got there...that they needed both keys..... a little something that I think they should have told us at the time we made the appointment.  We had to drive home 20+miles to get the spare.  Apparently the keys have to be reprogrammed.  I wish we could have waited to see the local dealer.

One thing I managed to do was to get Mr BC out, this morning, so we could buy him a couple of new shirts for the trip.   The last time I was able to get him out to shop was last November to buy some new slacks that weren't several sizes too big. I, of course, have been shopping for months!  The last thing he has to do to get ready, is a hair cut.  He was going to do it today, but we had to get back to the dogs to feed them.  Because of the extra trip, the dogs got lunch instead of breakfast, and they were glad we didn't wait for a hair cut


  1. Its always something. An extra drive is aggravating. Such an easy heads-up to bring the spare key could have been in the recall notice. Getting ready for a trip sounds good.

  2. They definitely should've told you about the keys.I hope you vented your disgust at the garage. Will the dogs have a holiday while you're away?

    1. They have a suite at a local Veterinary boarding facility, It even has TV.