Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday 9

 Saturday 9: The Trolley Song (1944) ... Because Stacey suggested Judy Garland. Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) In this movie clip, just about everyone (except Judy) is wearing a hat. Do you wear hats for fashion, for warmth or for both? I will wear a hat if I am going to be in the sun for a while and a knit hat in cold weather.  Since I usually wear a baseball cap for shade, I can't say I wear hats for fashion.  I don't really look good in hats.
2) This song is from Meet Me in St. Louis, which was a huge hit and the second highest grossing movie of 1944. When is the last time you watched a movie in the theater?  Les Miz, so many years ago, the music, was good.

3) The movie follows the Smith family as their hometown, St. Louis, to prepares to host the 1904 World's Fair. What's the biggest thing happening in your hometown? They have Main Street closed for a carnival this weekend.  Mr BC says it is something to do with Veterans.

4) This week's featured artist, Judy Garland, is best known as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. That movie is shown so often that Sam thinks she may have seen it a dozen times. Is there a movie or holiday special you've seen over and over?

The Big Chill, I have it and I would watch it if it were on, anytime.

5) Judy admitted to being perpetually tardy. Are you usually prompt? Or are you always running late? I tend to promptness and will usually be too early for appointments and such.

6) Judy's first professional performance was a rendition of "Jingle Bells" when she was just two. How old were you when you entered your chosen profession? I wouldn't say banking was a chosen profession, my best friend got me my first job in banking, when I was 22 and I stayed with it, as a path of least resistance.  I hit my stride when
I got into training.
  7) Thinking of "Jingle Bells," here's a wintery question for a hot summer day: What's your favorite carol? I like Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, which was also in this movie.
8) Judy was a very demonstrative person. She enjoyed hugs and admitted that, when she nervous, she took emotional support from physically reaching out. Are you demonstrative? With close friends and family. I really don't like people to move into my 36 inch bubble if I don't know them.  Mr BC saw a Dr at Kansas UMC last week, who would have made me very uncomfortable, because he was in too close, to him before the examination started.
9) She told Barbara Walters that people would be surprised to learn that she was a good cook and specialized in desserts. Do you have a sweet tooth? Oh yes, so sweet!  I love dessert first and best. I brought home a tart from Trader Joe's last week.  I still have one piece left and I will have it for breakfast this morning. (Fri)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Stealing: The Gal's Meme, Part Two

What did your last text message say? There is an Ikea in Kansas City! Actually it is in Merriam, KS.  DD2 texted back, Really? I need a new couch...Hmmmm.
  Are you someone’s best friend? Tell us about your friendship. Well, other than Mr BC, I have a lot of dear friends, but lately Mr BC and I have been self contained. I have a best friend from High School that I found on Facebook and it was pretty amazing...we talked on the phone for a couple of hours, catching up, and it got to be like we just left each other. That is a cool thing.
  What are you doing tomorrow? Completing paper work for the UC Kansas City, Transplant Center and getting it faxed ASAP.  Mr BCs, Nephrologist, suggested that if we wanted to be considered, we should look into it soon, as, if accepted it could take up to 3years.  He was less than enthusiastic, assuming because of his age...etc. that it might be a longshot that, Mr BC would be accepted.  After testing and conversations all day long, they were pleasantly encouraging, we are not listed yet, but after the paperwork is completed, he will be discussed by the committee. We would have a lot of thinking to do.  It is not a simple procedure.

What do you think of when you think of Australia? Koala bears and kangaroos.  Also lately the internet has been full of pictures of stuff that can kill Australia. 

Last person you talked to on the phone? What about? One of the nurses at the Dialysis center, about his medicine list. I really need to sign him up so we can get medical record our self.  
Any plans today? Do tell.  Not really, Sundays are lazy for us.  
What makes you happy? My grandsons and my puppies.  My spirits are lifted by both.  
What’s your favorite room where you live? My cozy living room and my blackout curtains in the bedroom.  
Biggest annoyance in your life right now? It was fleas, but I got that under control now.  We still have a gnat problem, it's getting better. They aren't fruit flies and I thought they had something to do with the dextrose in Mr BCs dialyses solution.  But yesterday DD2, said she had them as well.  I now that it has something to do with the warm winter we had.....just like the fleas.

Last movie you saw? Review, please. We only stream movies...I saw Our Brand is Crisis. A battle-hardened American political consultant is sent to help re-elect a controversial president in Bolivia, where she must compete with a long-term rival working for another candidate. Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton.  It didn't have the best reviews but it was ok since I wasn't paying for it. DD2 shares HBOgo with us.  It had its comedic moments and the cast was good. Put me in mind of what is probably going on now in the campaigns. The leads were very cynical in what they did as campaign managers, but it had a reasonably happy ending. With Bullock coming out ahead.
If you are jealous of anyone, tell us about it. I don't think so, an answer did not pop into my mind. immediately.  
What is the most serious relationship you’ve had? Mr BC. we did all his evaluation, Friday, our 49th anniversary.

Should anyone be jealous of you? My good marriage, maybe.  
What do you usually do during the work day? Housework, grocery shopping, dialysis procedures...some paperwork,  walking the dogs daily and early, this summer.  TV,  computer, napping....what can I say, I am retired.
  Tell us about someone that you really don’t care for.  One of the members of Mr BCs dialysis....really talks too much.  We roll our eyes every time.

Do you use the phrase “Have a good one” daily? Not really.
  How old do you wish you’d be turning on your next birthday? Why? Well last month I turned 69 and that was okay, maybe start over again at 45 and be retired like I am now. I was still feeling good in my 40's
Do you still like amusement parks? Not really. Tell us about your last trip to one. We went with the boys on their first trip to Disneyland and it was nice, but once is enough. Their folks can take them the next time.

How did you get one of your scars? The one on my foot can still make me, quivver...just thinking about it.  When I was in high school...I didn't keep a clean room.  I had broken a picture frame and did not clean up very well.  A large shard was wrapped up in my dust ruffle and when I was dancing around the room, I stepped on it and it pushed thru the bottom of my foot and out right by the ankle.  I tell the weather with that scar.  I have a couple of microsurgery scars as well.

Will you still love me tomorrow? Sure!