Monday, September 24, 2007

Last Week: Very Interesting

Mr Bankerchick and I were away this weekend to a Mini Gathering of the Faithful (GoF)with our Vintage MG Club. Pictures to come. We stayed in a great spot in Big Bear Village and had a wonderful time. We really had a chance to meet and and really get to know many of the folks better.

We also had an interesting week as we found the travel trailer of our dreams. We have been looking for a Trailmanor that has been previously owned as they say. And Mr B found it at Custom RV in Anaheim. We have been on the look out for one after seeing them in at that dealer. It's nice to work for a bank as I got an employee loan in about a day and we will be picking it up next Saturday. We will probably take it on a shake down trip one weekend soon, and for a week at Thanksgiving. It will probably be Turkey cutlets on TG Thursday. It is not a pop-up tent trailer but a telescoping full size 30 foot. It tows at 23 feet. We have heard nothing but good things. We should have some great adventures when we are both retired in 2009.
This may seem like a paid post but these RV folks have been great in helping us find what we want and we are very excited.

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