Saturday, September 15, 2007


I ostale djakonije - hrana u izlogu je od plastike, bili smo i u radnji koja prodaje modele hrane, vecina restorana u izlogu ima plasticni model jela koja sluze - korisno za nas Gaidjine (strance)

DD1 and SIL have been in Japan for the last 10 days or so. Big travelers, and they always post pictures as they go. Here is an example and the comment in Serbian, since SIL takes the pictures he writes the comments for his larger Serbian family and we wait for DD1 and SIL to tell us all about it when they get home. Now since I too have been to Japan I can sometimes figure out the comment with my online Serbian translator. So I believe this is an example of offerings in the window of a restaurant, that are PLASTIC models. I believe he is saying the things that look like billard balls is PLASTIC bread, and that the food looks exotic or strange (strance). So how did I do SIL was I close?

Mr Bankerchick and I went to Japan in 1979 and went to many of the same sights and I was amazed at the models of the entrees in the windows of restaurants. We actually see a lot of that in the windows of Asian food emporiums here in SoCal but at the time we went to Japan it almost seemed like Pop Art to me as it was so realistic.

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