Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our trip to Big Bear

Big Bear Lake, California has had an interesting past, starting with the Serrano Indians who hunted and trapped Grizzly's in the area. Hunters came in 1845 and gold was discovered in 1860 in a nearby valley. The area grew as roads were built to carry supplies and passengers to the area. In 1911 a dam was constructed to form the lake. In 1952 the first ski resort Snow Summit was created and Big Bear is a thriving year round resort.
We stayed at Northwoods Resort, while not on the lake was very beautiful and hospitable. We had our own spot to park the MG's and a fantastic hospitality suite, and a wonderful group price as our room was more like a suite and very comfortable. The no pets rule was the only downside and Gwennie stayed home with her big sister. She would have loved it and we plan to take her there someday as the town itself is very pet friendly.
The mountain area, was under attack by fire and the main road was closed, however, it was quite a distance away and the resort areas were safe. As of today the fire is 100% contained, last Saturday as we walked around town. There were many signs in businesses, thanking the firefighters who were staying around town for rest before going back up to the fire lines.
Saturday there was some rain and we thought about snow, the rain was predicted so we took the MGB rather that the MGTF, since the B has winshield wipers that work and it is a little snugger than the TF. Sunday morning we saw only ice melting on the ground and the cars, as we prepared to leave. And it was a beautiful day. The heavy rain happened down the mountain in LA, San Bernardino and Riverside County as it came thru Southern California.

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