Sunday, August 26, 2007


We went on our second outing with the club and took a tour of the Belmont
Shores, Los Alamitos bay area and the Long Beach historic homes area. As about 20 vintage MG's went up and down Ocean Avenue you have to know that we drew a lot of looks. Many wanted to know where the show was! It was a lot of fun and a beautiful day. We had some lunch and then went on a boat tour of the Naple's area. We got to see the front doors of the multi-million $ homes instead of the garage door view you see from the street. What fun!

This looked like fun, They havewalkway all around the island so you can look up close. I guess at Christmas there are lights all over the homes and their boats.

This is how the other half of California lives. Statistics say that the middle class in CA is shrinking and soon it will be the upperclass and the class that serves them or class warfare, which ever comes first. We have plans to retire somewhere other than Southern California.

The little cruise was great, were in an
little electric boat not a gondola and the homes beautiful. We got to know some other folks in the group and they all seem very nice. We sat with a younger couple at lunch and the talk was all about love of British cars. His wife and I spoke about obsessions!

Our next trip in September is a Mini GoF (Gathering of the Faithful) in Big Bear for two nights. Mr Bankerchick and I have our reservations and are ready to go. It should be a great opportunity to meet and get to know other folks with some of our interests.

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