Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday in Santa Barbara

photo: Ray Ford-Santa Barbara IndependentThis is a photo of the Zaca Fire which has been burning since July 4, in the mountain areas around Santa Barbara, lots of ash has been falling on the town. But no danger to Santa Barbara itself.

We usually come up to SB to visit DD1 every month or so, however, it has been awhile as they have moved to a larger apartment and bought some new furniture and we were waiting until it was ready for them to show off. It's a larger place and very comfortable and with two extra bedrooms and twin beds, (the old Ikea couches) I don't have to sleep with Mr. Bankerchick on a double futon. Very nice, we both got a good nights rest. DD2 is up here for the day too, so as Mr. BC likes to comment, "it's nice to have us all under the same roof again!"

SIL likes to cook so we had a cheese strudelie sort of dish for breakfast and it was delish! Went together very fast with the premade filo sheets and was especially good with the fruit compote DD1 made from Nectarines and white peaches, Yum.

We are going downtown to wander the shops, haven't done that for a while, it is a great downtown....and have some lunch and then decide what to have for dinner. We drove straight from work last night and arrived in time for some wine and good conversation, and we will leave early Sunday a.m. to beat the traffic back home. A great weekend.

Mr BC had to drop Gwennie the Pooch off at our favorite Kennel Friday afternoon, and that was a trauma for him, tho hopefully not the pup. It is the same place where we have always boarded the creatures, had them groomed and now Gwennie is taking training lessons there every Monday night so while she will be tired on Sunday night, she should have had a good time as she is well loved by the folks who work there. She was swept off and taken to the back to show off as soon as the paper work was completed, with her nub of a tail wagging fast.

I promised a review of our Anniversary outing and I can say without hesitation, WICKED was just as great as the review and DD2 has said. I splurged for tickets and we were sitting row D center. We were so close we could see them spit when they sang. Good music, a great story about the wicked witch of the west before Dorothy landed on her sister in OZ. She really was not so wicked as you would think. It's the other side of the story. Very Fun. The restaraunt Pizza Company CA. in San Gabriel was nice but the food was not as great as it use to be, sometimes you can't go home again, but the sound track of our 'courtin days" was on XM radio station playing in the background, with Wolfman Jack did take us back. We drove by the church we were married in and wallowed in nostalgia. Mr BC gave me a 3 diamond necklace for "yesterday, today and tomorrow" and I gave him his IPod he has been hungering after but would not buy for himself. A great day and a great anniversary!

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