Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Party:LONG Drive Home

This Week TN Chick selected LONG

Every year my boss throws a great party for all the managers (no significant others), and I never miss them, (the parties, not the spouses) because they are so much fun. This year was no exception. We had a LONG but fantastic year so it was a little more lavish than usual.

It was at a lovely restaurant in Beverly Hills, Il Cielo. When you look it up on the Net, it has very mixed reviews, they say the service is slow and dinner takes a LONG time. Our night was lovely! The service and food was great.
This year we had a DJ and everyone danced, even me. (that is not me) The roof opens up so you can see the sky and before too LONG they opened it so we could cool off after dancing I probably wouldn't have danced much if Mr BC was there, because he doesn't dance much, usually one slow dance is his limit. Even though past parties have been fun, I am usually home by 10:00 PM, because it was Drinks and horses'doors, Dinner, awards, skits, laughter and gifts, over! But I acually stayed there until 11:45 and was home after a LONG Drive from Beverly Hills to San Bernardino County.

I didn't win the centerpiece this year. Too bad because they were beautiful. But it was a LONG shot after all. It was a LONG evening, but a good time was had by all !

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