Saturday, November 17, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

Well I got back on line and was struck down a couple of days later with a nasty head cold. I tried everything everyone told me to do to kill it before it started but nothing worked and I am out of sick days and did not want to use up vacation I have scheduled for the end of the year so I toughed it out. The worst of it was this week when the stuffy nose was gone but the hacking cough was on with me, it lasts for weeks after I am feeling better, keeping me and Mr BC up. If he was here to be kept up. I have found a product and I hate its name and commercials, but it does work Mucinex DM has brought peace back to my nights and I feel up an raring to go. I still think their commercials are yuckey, but it works.

I am going to spend this weekend getting ready for my trip to Missouri to see grandma and Mr BC. I have stacks of laundry to do since he has been gone and then I got sick. I was wearing underwear that was lacking elasticity and clothes from the back of my closet, so I got to get on it. I also have to get caught up on my blogging. I am flying out this Thursday leaving DD1 and DD2 to give thanks alone this year or at least with other friends and family.

Mr BC made it back to MO in the new trailer and pronounced it quite cozy. They are predicting snow for Thanksgiving and we are going to leave the following Sunday, so I hope it is cozy! We are going to Santa Fe, New Mexico and as that it quite high, I imagine we could see snow or at least cold weather while we are there so I am packing warmly.

Gwennie has been missing her dad, and DD2 and I are not as diligent about long walks as he is. I take her to pooch park to visit her friends on weekends and DD2 and I have had her out on a few walks. She rebelled by eating a hole in my living room rug in her dig for China, Bad Dog! I don't blame her thought I never liked the rug anyway, I will just turn it the other way for now.

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