Saturday, April 09, 2016

That's What Friends are For-Saturday 9

Saturday 9: That's What Friends Are For (1985)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) This week's song is performed by an all-star quartet: Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder. You have your choice: which of these four would you most like to see in concert? 
I would really like to see Elton John, he is such a crazy talent.

2) Dionne Warwick was Whitney Houston's cousin. Name a Whitney Houston song.  The Greatest Love of All.

3) Gladys Knight owns a chain of chicken and waffle restaurants around Atlanta. When you have waffles, what do you top them with? (Powdered sugar? Butter? Syrup? Fruit?)
When I eat Eggos, I spread PB and maple syrup.  Those are the only waffles I eat.

4) Elton John has turned his bad eyesight into a hobby, claiming that over the years he has purchased well over than 200,000 pairs of glasses. Do you wear glasses? If so, how many prescription pairs do you own? 
I currently have only one pair of prescriptions, they are blue frames. I really need to visit the eye doctor and get new glasses.

5) Stevie Wonder has a scar on his nose from a 1973 car crash. Have you ever been in a car accident? 
I was hit by a drunk driver when we lived in CA.  We were moving and were taking a load to our new house. On the way back, Mr BC was following me on the 10 freeway he had DD1 with him and I had DD2 with me, asleep in the back seat, it was late after 10pm.  The driver clipped me in the rear bumper and my car spun across all the lanes and I stopped facing oncoming traffic.  Since Mr BC was behind me he put on his flashers and slow the traffic so no one hit me.  It was very scary but we weren't hurt.  

6) Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager were married when they wrote this. Do you know a husband and wife who work together? 
My mom and dad worked together.  He was an attorney and she was his legal secretary.  It always surprised me that they worked together so well. 

7) This song celebrates friendship through good times and bad. Tell us about a happy time you recently shared with someone close to you. When my BFF from high school found me on Facebook, I called and had a 3 hour phone call just like we did in high school.

8) Now share a time when you were there for a friend through a tough time. Too many years, too many friends. I am a pretty good friend....though.

9) Random question: When is the last time you were out of breath?
When Mr BC was ill, one of his problems was shortness of breath even after the hospital stay. We had to jump thru hoops to get home oxygen from medicare. For a couple of weeks when he breathed hard, I was deep breathing right along with him.


  1. #9 sounds like it was scary for both of you!

  2. The accident and Mr. BC's breathing problem were both frightening.
    One of my aunts ran away from her nursing home because they gave her oxygen that was wrong. I had to side with her. To struggle to breathe is terrible.

  3. That would be a scary thing to witness your spouse having a car accident. Glad you were okay. My husband eats eggos every day. :-/

  4. I'm with you on Elton!!! I'm positive that would be a great show! What a frightening experience on the 10! I hate the 10 freeway anyway, but add a DD, so scary.

  5. I've seen Gladys Knight and would love to see her again. Stevie Wonder is a great favourite but I doubt I'll ever get the chance to see him.