Sunday, September 18, 2011

Organization? What Organization?

Right now every flat surface in my house is stacked.  That is SOP around here.  Also every drawer is jammed packed, also standard.  So since we are going to move and have a house in MO that has everything one would need to live. some paring down will need to happen in both places before we can sell this house. Luckily we only have one mortgage here in CA but we do have to sell,  (It would be nice this year, but I'm sure that is a pipe dream) So right now I am getting ready to move.

The kitchen is first.  I have 15 more drawers like the above just in our tiny galley kitchen.  We have lived here 26 years in our starter 3 bedroom condo That tells you something about property prices in CA.  With our $850 mortgage and HO fees we were not interested in moving up.  Prior to that we moved around a lot every few years so I didn't have much clutter build up. Now it is all around us. And I am tackling it! Right now my big dining room table is filled with sorting boxes, the trash is full and the Salvation Army is due a delivery later this week.

By Wednesday, the kitchen needs to be finished.  We are going to Santa Barbara then for some well deserved Grandson, therapy. Then the office/Mr Bankerchick's dressing room, is next if I can get the door open!

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  1. Having lived here for 33 years I dread to think how long it would take me to sort it all out and pack it all up. Shudder.