Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Band Keeps Marching On
We have been busy here in our California home.  We have put together the calendar of moves through the end of the year and it seems as if we are leaving for Missouri again in the middle of October for a quick turn around trip. We are taking some of DD2 things and some of our things back, and not taking the dogs this time so we can make some time with our drive.

We made a trip to Salvation Army, Mr Bankerchick's favorite since his Navy days, but they seem to be closed, so we went to the new Goodwill that opened recently in the shopping center down the street. Now Mr BC likes Salvation Army to other charities, because, he said whenever his ship docked, the SA was always there with coffee and donuts for free, as they got off the ship, unlike the Red Cross which charged the sailors for the coffee and donuts. Important to guys with not much money. He also prefers them to Goodwill, because they will take everything you bring and even pick-up and Goodwill won't. But GW at the new location, took everything this time, and it is way more convenient for drop offs. With our new time constraints we need convenience. However, if we can call ahead it, will be the Salvation Army. We make a trip to the dump today and my front patio area will be clean for the first time in years.  If we did not have a concrete fence around it....well I don't want to talk about it! Anyway the things out there, even the Salvation Army would not want!

We also have to make a trip to see Лука for a few days before we leave.  We made a quick visit last week because we needed a Лука fix.  Every time we see him, he is a different kid, he was so much fun this time because it was non-stop talk.  He makes up stories as he plays, his imagination runs wild. I can sit on the floor with him and follow along, however Mr BC can't easily do that so he stretches out on the floor along side of him.  This trip he was sent to the couch, albeit with a "please" because he took up too much floor space. Mr BC laughed all the way because that was his preference, we ache for days after a visit from getting up and down from the floor.

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