Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Top Ten Fall Fashion Favorites-Shoes????

Until I broke by ankle several years ago I loved my shoes, then I went into a period of ugly shoes, which I go for comfort and support rather than fashion.  Since I am moving and only taking shoes that I actually wear.  I have donated many of my favorites that I have not worn since the break!  So once I get to Missouri this fall we can think more about these beauties.  Look at the ankle support! The style! The feathers?  on second thought maybe the ones I have are not so ugly agter all.

Think of the time saved by not having to match socks when you do the laundry, attached socks are the rage.

Money could be saved by creating these at home with the duct  tape . Again the attached socks

Лука would like these by Givenchy.  It has Lego heels

I know that my ice skating days are over, but these could make me feel that I am skating on thin ice

Perfect shoes for Missouri... all weather sandles

Do you think this would accentuate my cankles? 

I always liked MaryJanes and I love boots.  This is Prada
I am a little concerned about the PETA people...
Is this too minimalist?

I am not sure about these but I was fascinated by the toe.

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This week's Prompts
1.) Your crazy in laws. (inspired by Laural Out Loud)
2.) Where I’m From poem. Copy this template and fill in the blanks. (inspired by our Bloggy Boot Camp Writer’s Workshop)
3.) Share a family favorite childhood recipe. (inspired by Apron Strings and Foodie Things)
4.) A time you felt wronged by a teacher. (inspired by Great Fun 4 Kids)
5.) Your top ten Fall Fashion favorites.


  1. I love shoes! Those red ones and the lego ones are CUTE!

  2. Maybe the red ones without the legs attached!

  3. That is quite a collection. I don't have any place to wear them, wecept for the first one.

  4. Great finds! Those prada skin/maryjane boots are too much (aren't they all though?) - I think designers every once in a while like to do something so absurd just to see if all the fashion sheep will follow along for the label alone.

  5. oh my goodness... i can't stop staring at "the toe".

  6. The toe has ruined my appetite. Thank you.

    :-) These are great!!

  7. I am loving the Givenchy shoes. The wire shoes look really uncomfortable. My gosh the toe in that shoe is so painful looking.

  8. I have a LOT of shoes but none quite like those. ;)