Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday in Santa Barbara

I always have loved Santa Barbara. We have been regular visitors since DD1 came up to go to college in 1991 and stayed for good. I know why she stayed, it really seemed like the place where she should have grown up. so she has embraced the Santa Barbara lifestyle wholeheartedly and organically. She has flourished and grown and married!
SB is a beautiful town on the Pacific, I have been coming up here since I was a kid. When I was in college we came up here for the Halloween celebrations RITUAL UNDERAGE DRINKING. Now when we come here it is to visit and ponder on what wonderful restraunt we will be brunching or dining at next.

Last night we probably heard Oprah's jet land, and I have seen more celebrities here than any where else. Everyone loves Santa Barbara, so much that housing prices are sky high and the political leanings are to the left. But we always have a place to stay and did I mention I love Santa Barbara?

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