Thursday, March 01, 2007

Other Thursday Things

Mr Bankerchick is leaving Tuesday with DD2 for Missouri as we just found out his Mom is going to have open heart surgery on the 12th of March. DD2 is going to help him drive and will fly back before she starts back to school.

Grandma is going to have a valve replaced and one bypass. She went in for shortness of breath and extreme fatigue. This was a big flag for her; even though she is 84 she is a very active Senior. She has Diabetes under control as far as we know, and she goes to the Hootenanny and the VFW dances every weekend and dances up a storm. She has outlived her husband of many years and so far has outlived one boyfriend, again, as far as we know. She does not smoke or drink but has a passion for dancing. She is well enough to be at home until the surgery and is taking a positive attitude about everything.

This diagnosis hit me very hard as I lost my mother to heart disease four years ago. She was younger than MIL but had already had 2 small strokes, one she recover from well enough, to go on her travels for another 5 years and the second one which was more difficult to come back from. She was recovering when she had chest pains and never came out of the hospital. I know Grandma has a better prognosis and as DD1 said "She is a tough old bird who will outlive us all!" I laugh and agree, however, I worry and fret all the same, quietly, wondering ........

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