Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things about Bankerchick

1. I am a banker and a chick

2. I have 2 grown Darling Daughters

3. Married 40 happy years to Mr. Bankerchick, who is retired.

4. I am going to retire early in 2 years.

5. I am really unhappy that tv has programmed Medium and Lost against each other. Medium won. I pick up Lost online

6. I have a stinky cat named Nala who is so fat she can't reach her butt. Other than that she is a beautiful cat

7. I am responsible for keeping that butt clean, UGG!

8. We are waiting the birth of our new puppy in March. She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Like the Queen's dogs!

9. I once saw someone walking her dogs when we were touring Windsor Castle.

10. I love History, especially English history.

11. My husband and I dream of going to Great Britain and stay for at least 3 months in a cottage, and tour the countryside.

12. I am going to retire to Missouri with my husband, so we can afford the retired life and travel. Can't afford to retire in Southern California.

13. I am a native Caifornian who has live all over the country, thanks to Mr. Bankerchick. Yea! I did it in one sitting.

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