Sunday, February 04, 2007

I am back!

I am going to go for a new start in 2007. I got sidelined Dec 22, when I managed to break my ankle and my foot. Sure did mess up my holiday and my vacation. DH and decided to go to UCLA's Royce Hall to see Slava's Snow Show, a great troup of Russian Clowns, and had a wonderful time. We had been visiting with the kids and made a mini-break out of it. Got a hotel room so we did not have to drive all the way home that night. Crossing the street on our way to dinner I fell into a messy pothole and went down and heard a snap.Spent the better part of the night in the emergency room. Spent a very unromantic night at the hotel, (I did have vicodin) eating a Jack in the Box Salad. I spent the next 4 weeks in a cast and not getting my kiitchen painted, as I had planned.I went back to work, I have a mostly sitting job. But the last few weeks have been a pain. I start out well in the morning but as the day goes on I have to prop my foot up use ice and take some advil. It makes me grumpy and I am ready for bed by the time I walk in the door.Christmas Day was swell. I had a few presents that I had ordered online but nothing else. So we decided not to do Christmas Day, we celebrated Christmas Eve with my brother and his family and went home early.On Jan 7 we celebrated Orthodox Cristmas with the kids in Santa Barbara, after DH pushed me around the mall in a wheel chair. I got to take advantage of the sales. That weekend was the only high spot of a less that Happy Holiday. I made the promise that I would start the Blog again, and I have been reading some favorites, but I just didn't feel like commenting. So I am going to get this site set up with links and stuff and come back to the community.

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