Friday, February 09, 2007

Last Weekend

Because I had been house bound for many weekends, last Saturday we checked out Pechanga Casino in Temecula for the day. It is only about 90 minutes away and we had never been.
It was ok, neither of us are big gamblers. DH couldn't find a poker machine that wasn't homesteaded by gamers. So he was not excited. I sat down at a Video nickle slot and tried to figure out how to play. You don't just sit down, put a nickle in and Pull anymore. I couldn't figure out the play but I did determine that hearts (and these were valentine type of hearts) were important! I slipped in a $5.00 bill picked how many lines and how many nickles I wanted to play and pushed spin. It just kept spinning and sprinkling hearts all over the screen. The lady next to me said it had to do with free spins that I was getting every time. I then just watched it pile up credits and make music and SPIN. When it finally stopped about 5-10 minutes later I figured that I ought to see what all the fuss was about and cash out. Was I surprised to find it was $414.50!
Wow that was easy.....sooo I put the receipt away safely and put in another $5, pressed all the appropriate buttons again, then again, then again....and POOF the fiver was gone. So I got up and I was gone. I found my husband, cashed in the receipt and we left. Stayed about 2 hours.

So despite the rain forcast, I am taking my $400 this weekend and staying at the Historic Mission Inn in Riverside for a Valentine weekend with my Valentine. I will have more to say after our stay and tour and dinner and brunch. TripAdvisor guests give it high marks.

Since DH retired, he has become a great house husband. I just started letting him do the laundry. Let is the appropriate word here as that was the one household task I didn't want him to do. He finally convinced me and is doing a great job (after sorting and drying instructions) so now our week ends are free for fun and games especially now that I get around easier. The last weekend we tried to get away, I broke my foot, so we are going to stay put in the Hotel, there seems to be lots to do. I can't wait!

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