Friday, February 23, 2007


I am sorry to see Thursday 13 go, especially just as I had finally decided to Play. I tried to come up with 13 for the last one yesterday, but only made it to five, so here they are today.
1. It is addictive, and I am an addictive personality, however, at least, blogging is not full of carbs.

2. When I am blogging I am not eating, no carbs or fat there, either.

3. I have found lots of people who are great writers, funny. They give me a chance to remember things things I haven't thought about for a long time; and keep me from having to search Utube on my own for a laugh, thus more time for blogging.

4. Bestest Blog of All-Time's Carnivals, It's what got me started. Also Bestest Blogs, random button.It saves me time and that is where I found most of my favorite links. .The blogs on Bloggers random button make you have to sift thru other blogs that can be offensive to my delicate sensibilities ;>0, some are in languages that I do not understand and some are just plain wierd. I find the links on BB just diverse enough.

5. Most important it my kids like it. DD1 says it keeps her updated between phone calls. I am not sure what DD2 thinks as she never comes out of her room when I am home. T that statement will probably tell me whether she is reading or not, the computer is in the family room.

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