Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just Some Thoughts About My Week So Far.....

My doctor recommended these for the swelling in my foot while the bone is healing. Ugh. they only had them in white at the first drug store, so while I am searching for black or nude I will use the support knee highs I already have. The search continues.......

I have had my blog reading curtailed on my lunch hour at work unless I want to use the community one in the lunch room. I don't! Too many inappropriate web sites and e-mails they warned. Not me, honest! I don't want to be on the list if it doesn't stop so, I am going cold turkey!
My husband's mistress has come home to roost. The Dutchess is now sitting pretty in the garage. He has waited a year to get her back from the beauty shop!
I found this in someone elses blog and this little Irish girl is so cute. Have a listen. The demolition company one is a Hoot.
Ok, I gotta go read.......

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  1. hi again! (you left me a comment on my valentine's post) anyway, i am a regular visitor to the pre-eclampsia survivors web site, and i saw your comment, which broke my heart! my son was born 10 months ago, he was 6 weeks early because of my pre-eclampsia. it was an awful time for me and i know exactly what you mean about having to be "convinced" to get pregnant again. i'm scarred by the first!!anyway, i'm so sorry that you were made to feel like it was your fault. it's amazing to me that it's decades later and they still don't really know what causes it! but it's nice to be able to connect with other people who have been through it. i am glad to hear that your children turned out wonderful. my son is doing well too, fortunately.