Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Complicated

My life is generally not complicated, then we moved to stages.  Since last August we have made 3 trips between the 2 houses packing and unpacking the trailer.  (see above) We still have one more load in storage in California which we will make next month......maybe.

The complicated part was/is where stuff is.  When we had the 2 houses I could never remember if things were in CA or in boxes in MO.  I would think there was a pork loin in the freezer and it the other house.  This complication was cleared up when we sold the house the last time we were in CA.  Yeah!

New has been hot this summer....Triple digits for June and July   Too hot to unpack the trailer...too hot to move boxes upstairs and out of the garage....too crowded and hot, in the house to sort through boxes, pack up Grandma's old stuff, as we swap out her stuff with our stuff.  If  Mr Bankerchick wants a tool or some item of clothing he can't find....the  question from him is....."where is the ____?" and the answer is......"packed in the trailer."

Complications are lessening somewhat as the heat is abating and we have spent cool mornings finding homes for the stuff from the trailer.  New complication is.... that we can't find the title for the truck and the CA tags expire this month.  We found all of the other car titles in the safety box, where they should be, but not the one for the truck.  We need a registered truck to make the one more trip to CA and we need an empty trailer also.  So the complications continue.
For this weeks Mama Kat's I chose Prompt  
                                      4.) Write about something that complicates your life.


  1. Now that IS complicated. I am impressed that you are still sane.
    BTW writing from Kansas. These temps are NOT normal. Not this hot for this long. If this had been my first summer, I would have run screaming for the coast by now!

  2. Goodness! I think that I still have boxes in the closet from when we moved in here over ten years ago. I will get around to it some day! I can't imagine all the fuss trying to get a trailer from point A to point B. Complicated, indeed. I need a nap just thinking about it.

  3. I hate moving and refuse to move again because I can't stand packing, unpacking and starting over. I feel for you.

  4. I hope I never have to move house. :(

  5. Oh my, that is complicated! Just thinking about moving gives me a many many lost many messes. You are most definitely a trooper!

    Thanks for sharing, I wrote to this prompt also this week.

  6. Our almost finished bonus room has complicated matters here! I thought it would be AWESOME to have an extra room, where kids and movies and guitars and sewing could all co-exist. Turns out, it's another room to clean and another room to loose important stuff! I still love it though.

  7. Oh dear, that does sound like a headache. Hope it all works out, and soon!

  8. Wow! Yes, I'd say that was complicated!
    Hopefully as the weather starts to cool it will all sort itself out!

    Stopping in from Mama Kat's

  9. I couldn't face moving again. You have all my sympathies - especially in that heat.

  10. ugh I HATE moving! I just moved from NYC to CT and I always feel like something always magical disappears when you move haha.

    visiting from Mama kat