Sunday, May 27, 2007

Taking a Little Break

That is how I have felt ever since Mr Bankerchick left to visit his mom again. He is back last week and Grandma is recovering well at last. I don't usually talk about work, but, I had 4 weeks with 7 archtypical Gen Y'ers, and frankly they wore me out! I took a week's vacation and have been Puppy Bonding (a nice kind of wearing out). I will blog about her next week.I think I have been bordering on depression, not wanting to do my regular activities. big fatigue, sleeping a lot, a general malaise and I was to indifferent to even lurk. I have finally got a lot of sleep, Mr B C came home and the pup keeps me smiling. Today I am visiting some of my favorite reads an I am going to leave comments.

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