Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Grandma Update

Well Grandma is not doing well. Mr Bankerchick is back in Missouri to check on her and to talk to the Doctors. She was unable to keep food down after he left and complained of nausea. His sister took her back to the hospital and they removed her gallbladder. It turned out not to be diseased and did not take care of the problem. She has had a hiatal (sp) hernia for years and no one seems to think that is the problem. His sister managed to alienate the doctors and one is no longer treating her. It is a mess and Mr BC decided he needed to get back before they removed anything else. We have never had a lot of faith in the Medical services in Joplin and his mom use to go all the way to Mayo Clinic to get any treatment she needed. The heart surgery went well and does not seem to be the problem, however, she is not eating as it makes her nauseaus and she can't get much down. This sure isn't Grey's anatomy or House!

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