Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Still Here Under All This Clutter

Been experimenting with my on-screen key board. I have my new keyboard from Amazon, and I am going to try to install it myself. It looks easy on Youtube, yeah sure!  

I have been in a flurry of Spring cleaning; and now that the dining room table has been discovered, I will give it a try!  Whew, that took forever....like typing on my phone without the fat fingers.  If the repair doesn't work I am getting a new computer.  This one is ancient and hasn't worked well since I downloaded Windows 10.

Enough of writing! I'm going to post some funny/interesting stuff to get them out of my files.



  1. A few laughs there. However, there is nothing to laugh about when the computer plays up. You have my sympathy, having undergone the same problems with Windows 10. I had to buy a new PC so I went backwards and bought Windows 7. It and I are much happier.

  2. I'm with Voltaire. You political snaps are great. Lol! Hope you get that computer to shape up!