Saturday, March 07, 2009

New in our Lives.......

Well of course there is brand new Darling Grandson. who was 1 month old this week and he is already 11 pounds, he is about 9lbs in the picture. He is healthy and handsome and keeping his mom and dad busy. Baba is going back to Belgrade on Sunday and I can only imagine, how sad she will be, getting on that plane. When DD1 was born in Joplin, Mo, just a few years ago, my mom stayed with me for several weeks before she had to get back to dad, she was crying at the airport and I imagine, if she were here she could tell us what it is like! I can't complain about a 2 hour drive to see him and I won't ever.

The newest member of my family is Howard... on the right....Mr. Bankerchick rescued him from traffic on Howard St....a few days after we got back from SB after a week with DGS. We notified the Humane Society and made posters in the neighborhood. He was matted and starving, and we think he's a forclosure dog, just left when owners leave the home. We have lots of them in San Bernardino County. We decided to keep him after we received no inquiries on him. He is a doll, housebroken, friendly, likes to cuddle and now, Gwennie's best friend. The Gwenster was jealous at first but they are now good buddies. We are taking him to the Vet next week for shots and then getting him licensed.

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