Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chat #144

1.  Do you like lemon-aid? Any special flavors?  I love fresh lemonade and I am real fond of strawberry-lemonade.

2.  I'm trying not to use paper goods for this party. How many place settings of silverware(eating utensils) could you come up with? I wish I could borrow some. Before I moved I could probably come up with place settings for about 20.  But my good stuff is still packed away and I got rid of my everyday, because I had my MIL's here at the house and I liked it better than mine. I read this wrong.  I could come up with about 40 place settings of 'silver'ware.  I have a full set of 12 of my grandmother's silver, my wedding silver, and lots of misc stainless.

3.  Have you ever been to a party in a barn? No, but I have seen such things in pictures and Pinterest!  Yours sounds lovely and I bet Wendell will come.
4.  Do you wear nail polish? Not any more.  I use to get a manicure and pedicure about every 2 weeks when I worked.  I can't polish my own nails....what a mess. I just deal with plain nails now days.

5.  Please finish this sentence. I wish I could.......sing or play a musical instrument or had some artistic talent.


  1. I've never had a mani or pedi. I always did my own nails when I was working, it's therapeutic :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers. I wish I could play an instrument, too--and strawberry lemonade sounds really good!

  3. It makes no sense to have manicures, as rough as I am on my hands. But I do enjoy the occasional pedicure!

  4. I may need to borrow some of your silverware!!

  5. That's an impressive amount of silverware! I have a canteen of silver cutlery but it's only a six place setting.