Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a cute boy!

This is our newest puppy,  He is called Totum, Totes for short.  he is a rescue dog from the Riverside Humane Society.  He was named by the Humane Society because he looks like a Totum Pole when he sits  up tall on his butt.  He is a Jacauawa, part Jack Russell and part Chiuauaua and he is a loving little dog and gets along with Gwennie.  We had rescued a little pup  (with our corgi above) that Mr BC found, and right after we took  him to the vet for shots he disappeared.  I think he was a runner, because he managed to get out of the gated front Patio, and we were unable to find him.  Hopefully he went home or someone else found him.  We missed him so much... that when it was clear we weren't going to find him...we decided to rescue ,, and fix the get away spot on the Patio.  Gwen and Totes get along really well and Totes is too attached to go running,  He knows a good home when he sees it.  We have had him over a year now and he is always attached to Mr BC, DD2, or me.

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