Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Лука is off to Serbia

Darling Grandson was off to Serbia to see his Baba and Deda. Grandpa Bankerchick is jealous that now even his DG has gone to Europe. This is Лука first trip abroad and DD1 said he managed the flight very well.  Airplanes are his particular passion and he could barely be constrained during the security part of the trip.  His mommy is not sure he really understood he was actually in an airplane, but the picture clearly indicated he was delighted to have a Grand Adventure,  I had a surprise Skype visit with him on Sunday and he was clearly not jet lagged.  His grandparents have some of SIL's toys saved and he was playing with his autos.  He is going to be bi-lingual as Dad speaks to him in Serbian and English. He seems to pick the word that is easiest to pronounce, so we are all learning a bit of Serbian.  My guess after a month with his Baba and Deda,(Serbian grandparents) he will be speaking a little more Serbian when he gits back, more for me to learn.  Baba and Deda spend the winters in Santa Barbara and he has not seen them since March, so he will have a great time.

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